Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tempting Tuesday: Wishlist

Money doesn't buy happiness...It's sad, because there are a few things, that I think would make me happier! I'm starting what I will call "Tempting Tuesday". Each post will be different, and yet I'll try to have something that tempts you, it will definitely always be something that tempts me. 
Now, while I fully believe in not having some things being good for you -if you had everything, what would you wish for?- I also think it's nice to think of one day having those things you don't have now. Here are a few things I would buy if I ever became filthy rich (I know, I would stink as a rich person.)

An ice cream maker!
I love ice cream, and I love old fashioned things...so I would LOVE to get an old-fashioned ice cream maker. Actually, this is me being overly romantic. If I had to choose I'd pick one that had a button where you could turn it yourself, or press a button and let the machine do it. I remember making ice cream a couple of times when I was little. 

A dress form...or two, or three...
Ohhh how I would LOVE a pinnable dress form . I have a dress form that's adjustable, but pins won't go in it so the draping I learned in college is going to waste.

Laptop vinyl decal
No, I don't want lips, I have lips. I want a decal for my laptop, I like this one, but I'd love to just have a set to switch around and personalize my baby with :-) This is what happens when you don't have a pet.

A man
Hmmm...in no hurry, but eventually a good man would be nice. Sorry, just had to throw in some comic relief.

Card Holder
This is by Lina on etsy. I love her stuff, and really, I just feel like I would be an all-around better person if I had this case :-)

This is not a matter of WANT this is a matter of NEED! I have dropped my poor faithful phone altogether too many times on the unforgiving pavement. Yes, that was a little dramatic, but a little drama was needed to convey this point. 

A vintage dress
Yes, I sew. No, I cannot sew vintage, I can copy vintage, but it wouldn't be the same. I think this style would look great on me! I have a definite pear shape body, and this would just work!

Whew...so after going through my wish list (or at least the beginning of it) I think it's your turn. Feel free to leave a link to your wishlist in the comments!

Elisabeth Arona


  1. LOVE the list.. we want a few of the same things..imagine that! lol


  2. I love that dress! I used to wear dresses like that when I had a waist line.

    My wish list is not for material things although more money would be good!

    I wish for everyone to know the Lord's love and to live life for Him.
    I wish to live long enough to see my 2 grandsons grow to be men and to know that they have the Lord in their hearts so we will all see each other sometime in Heaven.


  3. I really like the concept of Tempting Tuesday! I NEED that cell phone wristlet too but could not find the link to click on :(

    Great post.

  4. Sorry about that pfd...I linked it for ya.

  5. Pear?? Girl you're an hourglass....so i thought

  6. Ayesha, everything I eat goes to my butt and thighs! lol


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