Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have decided to post while I am away about being away. Hopefully interesting things will happen so I won't have to work too hard for them :-)

I am currently sitting in the middle of the world's tiniest airport-or maybe I just think so. Anyone been to the Birmingham, AL airport (BHM)? At least it has wireless, but when my sister and I arrived the place looked deserted! "Is it open?" My shocked sister asked. "Ummmmm..." I replied hesitantly. We are definitely city girls. I headed inside to check in my bag and there was no line! Are reading me? NO LINE! The Atlanta airport is never without a line, EVER. I thought it was kinda cool though. I asked the lady at the front desk if this was normal, and she said, "Yeah, pretty much!" People are really friendly here though, and the cheaper price was definitely worth it. 

Elisabeth Arona


  1. I almost always like the smaller airports! No lines, no traffic, easier/closer parking, friendly attendants, more room to walk, cheaper prices! I haven't been to the Birmingham one, but now I'm curious! Haha...

  2. wow, im glad you took ur laptop. and i kno u r! have muchos fun



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