Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wiley Wednesday--new ideas!!

Although some of you have seen it already, other of you haven't...so here is my latest creation! I think I look absolutely horrible in this pic, but I'm working on that too lol-and I did like my crazy hair! I made this shirt especially for a trip I took to Virginia for a youth conference. I really hoped to advertise a lot, but that didn't happen so much. It's hard for me to advertise for myself because I feel like I am boasting or being obnoxious and no one likes that. It's most natural for me to deflect when people start praising me (it doesn't actually happen that often) so a couple times after I said "this is the shirt I made" and they started telling me it was great, I changed the subject. D'oh! I won't be able to sell if I can't do this! Any advice? I'm sure some of you have had a problem with self-promoting.

Anyway, you may be wondering what this has to do with Wiley Wednesday, and here it is. This shirt is a sneak peek at designs to come! I'm going to work with more ruffles and things soon. Any ideas on what I could be cooking up?

Elisabeth Arona


  1. i love the shirt! send me one!! ;)

  2. I luv dis shirt and would lyk to order it in a size small color black!

  3. LOL im nt playin! Im fa real! Jus bill me :-)


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