Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tempting Tuesday-Mom temptations

Are there any moms out there? Well, for a bit at least I'm joining your world...the world where whenever someone wants to talk all you can talk about is things that the kids did this week (because those are the only people you've been around...) The world where you really think the baby should be punished for something he/she did, but it's just too darn cute sometimes, so you just clean up the mess...The world where you try to write in your blog, but the kids keep asking you questions and at this moment the baby either keeps pressing the power button or holding onto your fingers as you attempt to type. This world takes some getting use to!

Sooo for my Tempting Tuesday these are the things that tempt me:

1. Naptime. I get excited at naptime now! The house is so peaceful and sleepy :-)
2. Quiet. I really don't know what this is anymore, but I have a faint memory...
3. Leaving the house. Since there aren't many cars, I rarely get to leave the house unless it's to run errands and then I have to rush back. Please don't leave your car anywhere near my house or I just may take off in it!
4. Another me. If someone offered me the chance to have a second me right now to do all the things I don't feel like doing (changing diarrhea diapers, putting a reluctant baby down for nap, or overseeing piano practice) I have to admit I'd be tempted to take them up on it.

Elisabeth Arona


  1. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Elizzy.

    You have it exactly right. I can remember those days. Sometimes I do miss them though.


  2. I'm tempted, just like you. Boy do those naps sound SO GOOD!

  3. awww... i pray it gets easy....smooth like butter for ya


  4. ((((HUGS)))) I hear ya! I have 6 children. They are a JOY! But what is quiet time?? Leaving the house? IT's been a month! Our van was totaled and we only have hubby's 4-seater stick shift. I have not learned to drive the stick yet....no time! Hold on to the special moments. Shape those little lives for Jesus and don't miss any opportunities!
    Christie (luvncrafts)


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