Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekday Wacky

In life there are always priceless moments :-) Here are a few from my week.

1. The roach. At about 2 AM there was a giant roach in the bathroom...I am deathly afraid of roaches. If I'd seen this on a movie it would've been hilarious, but since it was me it wasn't so funny at the time. I quickly climbed up on the toilet and stayed there squealing (remember it's 2 AM) and wishing I had my cellphone to call for help. Since the only thing I could find handy was some air freshener (and I've heard how bad it is for humans) I sprayed that bug down with it, but alas it didn't work. Was that a slight limp I noticed? May it was getting sick, but it'd still be a good few hours at least before the thing died and I wasn't staying up on the toilet keeping vigil for THAT long! Ironically my little sister had taken a world history book into the bathroom and left it on the floor-go figure. The bug at one point crawled into the book and I thought about jumping on top of it, but I wasn't brave enough to hear the when it wandered back out I gingerly snapped it up and at the right moment dropped it with a loud bang onto the roach.,..,and the roach is no more. My dad was hereby forced to remove the bug from the book--and floor-the next morning after I cooked him breakfast.
2. Suck it up. Yes, I took a moment to complain about my life at this moment to someone who asked, and they told me to suck it up. At the moment I swear tears possibly sprang to my eyes, because I was feeling especially sulky at the moment, but now I just laugh because someone actually THOUGHT that that was a great way to encourage me. People make life interesting, am I right?
ManMan sitting on the counter while I chopped potatoes

3. Toilet water. ManMan, the baby I watch during the day (about 14 mos) somehow wandered from my watchful eye and I found him vigorously "cleaning" the toilet-bowl with the lil brush in hand. His shirt was soaked. Since I was so busy cleaning him up I forgot about the bathroom, and later my dad addressed me about it--I had to assure him it was "just toilet water". I do hope that that's the last time I'll have to use that phrase.

Unfortunately I have tons more, but I will stop here lest I get carried away. I hope I at least brought a tiny smile to your face...because if I didn't I may have to tell you about the baby and the hot pink marker...

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Ohhh Elizzy - soooo funny!

    Now you can laugh about it. I am the same as you about bugs in general. Ewwwwwww!


  2. me too, I hate cockroaches. whenever we find one in the bathroom my sister and I either call for my brother (if he's home) or go cautiously to battle with our dad's shoe and whatever sprays we can find.

  3. Lol Suki it is now...only thing better was telling my sister so she could squeal in disgust.

    Shadow that's what I normally do too, but my dad was SLEEP! I generally spray them with cleaner of some kind, but of course there was none when I needed it lol.

  4. LOL Laughing WITH you, not at you! With 6 children, I can relate on the toilet water story. LOL
    Christie (luvncrafts)


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