Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am a brand-and you are one too.

I belong to a great team on Etsy. is an online location for handmade and vintage sellers and buyers to gather and change the world (but just check it out to really GET it.) Joining a team is like being in a club, people who understand you, your frustrations as a seller or creator, and in this case (since it's a Christian team) also discuss topics that apply to your every day life as a Christian. All of this is just me rambling though. Today one of the members of the team said she pulled an "Arona" by sleeping in, because obviously I am Arona, and I have been sleeping in a LOT lately and come in to say good morning when morning is almost over. I joked about how I am a brand, because someone named sleeping in after me...and yes, I realize that this isn't the best thing to have named after you but follow me here, it's gonna get interesting.
When I graduated last year from college, our commencement speaker spoke about brands. You know, his job is to make everyone that just graduated so ridiculously excited about getting out there and being successful that they actually get out there and become successful. He said something that will probably stick with me forever. Are you ready? Okay...
You ARE a brand.
Wasn't that deep? Maybe not without explanation :-) When someone says "I ate Cheerios for breakfast." You immediately picture cereal, because that's what Cheerios is! No one has to describe what they look like, or what ingredients are included, Cheerios IS the all-encompassing description of this food. In the same way, when someone says your name, everyone around immediately has a picture in their minds of what or who you are. Some will automatically think of you as nice, others as industrious, and of course sometimes there are some negatives (we're all human after all.)
You and I are constantly shaping-and hopefully improving upon-our personal brands. Yesterday, I heard on the radio that a large, well-known store is trying to change the way people look at them. To do this, they are lowering prices, and for those who don't want to go into their stores, they are making an online version with low shipping. By doing this, they show that they "care" about their current and prospective customers; they make it impossible to dislike them by making sure no one can find the items anywhere else so conveniently and inexpensively. I attempt to be the type of person that can always be put out for others, and the friend that can be called any time. Since people always call me no matter what I'm doing, and I even get texts demanding to know why I would go to sleep early (when they are still awake and need someone to talk to) I assume that I am now known for my availability...While this is perhaps a branding "don't", there are many things that you can really do with this idea both in your personal mentality, and in the way you improve your business acumen.
Just think, you are completely responsible for how people think of you! You can build your brand to be known for all sorts of wonderful things! Go for it, go complete your brand!

Elisabeth Arona

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh happy day

So a few of my friends in cyberspace told me that they wanted to hear my sing (I guess because I'm always mentioning choir practice or something that I'm singing in church on Sundays.) Well, this video was taken by my mom, and on a rather cheap camera, but I think it did pretty well. The song is Oh Happy Day, and I'm singing lead with a group at our church. Ignore the flaws and listen to the words :-) Enjoy.

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Accessory Exchange/Swap Update

Hi lovely bloggers! I'm updating the info on the accessory exchange. I moved back the deadline because I realize that the current one is a little soon especially if you're going to make something especially for your exchange recipient. I'm moving it back two weeks!! If you haven't received your info yet about your exchange partner, it's because I haven't received your email or know that you tried to contact me :-(
The deadline for sending out your item is now the sixth of November!
I hope you all can work with this...and happy swapping!

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While all of you may not actually like animated films or think they're childish, I always have loved them. They're the best! They're like daydreams come to life! How can you not feel happy watching one? At the end of this post is one I'm looking forward to watching as soon as it comes out :-)
I'm the type of person who enjoys all the creativity that goes into movies, whether they are animated, or partially animated, or with real live actors and actresses (a mixture of both would be Enchanted which I have to commend the makers and especially the costume designers on!) I have weakness for musicals too-sound of music or seven brides for seven brothers anyone? Am I the only one that thinks it would be so exciting if for one day the whole world turned into a musical and everyone was bursting into song willy nilly? Yeah, okay, maybe I am. So, I'm thinking of actually putting previews of movies that I'm interested in on my blog once in awhile-any thoughts on that? One more question: what did you think of this preview? Is it something that you would take your kids to, or watch yourself?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fat? No. Roundish? Yes.

Let me start by saying I'm neither obese, nor depressed about my current weight...but sometimes, y'know you just get that urge to shape up. My problem is that my two sisters that live at home still (both early 20s like me) are both tiny little things. One is 5 feet tall and wears a size two or occasionally children's sizes and the other wears size 6 and she's 5 feet 4 inches tall. I don't remember ever actually wearing either of those sizes, and it was never something that I worked toward, but I like to assume that my sisters by point of reference make me look large. Every time my mom wants to lose weight, she wants me to lose weight with her, and every so often my dad tells me I need to change my eating habits or exercise more for my "health".
My sisters and I. Left to right: Sarah, Mary, me, and Julia in front.

I can at least take comfort in the thought that when Mary was home, she was always getting the same kinda suggestions. Since she got married and moved away though, she's had a baby and no one bothers the mom of the first grandbaby :-) 
My point? Oh yeah, forgot I had to have one of those. Although I don't feel large usually, I would like to tone up and get some exercise in just so I won't always feel like a lazy hag. I went to the skating rink with some home school kids from out church and it was great! I forgot how much fun rollerblading is, and how much of a sweat I work up(especially since normally I don't sweat much)...I also forgot about how achey my legs would be the next day. With all this being said, I have come up with a plan. I want to buy some rollerblades. I've never been that person that enjoys working out just because it makes you healthy,  I want a workout to be fun! If anyone knows of any nice inexpensive rollerblades around let me know-size 9. I've also considered jumping rope, buying some zumba dvds of my own, and playing frisbee with the girls more often. If you know of any good "exercise fun" feel free to suggest it. My allergies are horrible right now, so anything indoors is best! 

Elisabeth Arona

BTW don't forget about the blog swap I'm hosting! Check it out in the post below this one!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Accessory Exchange/Swap!

While I was busy keeping house and home, I had some time to think even though absolutely no time to do. I decided that what I needed to recharge my blog as well as add more followers (hopefully) was a swap/exchange. Bear with me, this could be exciting :-)
I hope my fellow artists will join me! I am hosting a Fall exchange her on Lizzisays! If you're like me, just reading that gave you a little thrill lol. So let me explain. 
How to Enter: Each person that decides to participate will be given a name, an address, and something about the recipient so that they can better know what to send...They in turn will email me with the following info: Name, address, blog and/or facebook fanpage (if they have one.) If you don't have a blog or fanpage, please write a few sentences about yourself. Here is an example: "My name is Jesse, I am a mom with two kids, my favorite article of clothing is my knit hat because it keeps me warm and I can still look good, my ears aren't pierced so no earrings :-( "etcetc. Just keep it interesting and use your imagination, try to ask yourself what you would want to know about someone else! 
What to send: The swap is pretty much open to interpretation...You can make your package as big or small as you want, at least one handmade accessory item must be included but the package can also include other items of your choosing. Remember that there is a deadline, if you miss it by a day don't give up, but please TRY to send your item out before or by that day. Feel free to get creative with it and include a nice note, letter, or card. Who knows? You might actually make a new friend!
Deadline: The deadline for sending out your item is the 23rd of this month, so please, please, please be aware, and don't enter if you are not going to be able to make it. The deadline for entering is a week from today (10/09) so hurry and shoot me an email with your info! Feel free to email me with any questions also.
I would love, love, love to get photos of the items you send and receive so remember me when you pull out your cameras :-) Happy swapping!

Elisabeth Arona

P.S. A little bit of the fashion designer in me won't be here are some things that are very IN right now: colorful socks, tights, and scarves (both knit-especially cowl ones, and cloth ones). 

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

I am sorry that I have been too busy to keep up with my blog. I hope it will never happen again, but since my sister is getting married this coming summer, I can see it happening again then...and if I'm really busy with creating from now until Christmas like I think I will, then it might happen again soon too. I will stop babbling and just say sorry again :-)

Now, let's get back to business. I have some pictures to load on tomorrow, so wait for them. It is inevitable that pictures of my beautiful niece will be up on my blog every week-I won't even bother to apologize to that lol.

Elisabeth Arona