Saturday, October 9, 2010

Accessory Exchange/Swap!

While I was busy keeping house and home, I had some time to think even though absolutely no time to do. I decided that what I needed to recharge my blog as well as add more followers (hopefully) was a swap/exchange. Bear with me, this could be exciting :-)
I hope my fellow artists will join me! I am hosting a Fall exchange her on Lizzisays! If you're like me, just reading that gave you a little thrill lol. So let me explain. 
How to Enter: Each person that decides to participate will be given a name, an address, and something about the recipient so that they can better know what to send...They in turn will email me with the following info: Name, address, blog and/or facebook fanpage (if they have one.) If you don't have a blog or fanpage, please write a few sentences about yourself. Here is an example: "My name is Jesse, I am a mom with two kids, my favorite article of clothing is my knit hat because it keeps me warm and I can still look good, my ears aren't pierced so no earrings :-( "etcetc. Just keep it interesting and use your imagination, try to ask yourself what you would want to know about someone else! 
What to send: The swap is pretty much open to interpretation...You can make your package as big or small as you want, at least one handmade accessory item must be included but the package can also include other items of your choosing. Remember that there is a deadline, if you miss it by a day don't give up, but please TRY to send your item out before or by that day. Feel free to get creative with it and include a nice note, letter, or card. Who knows? You might actually make a new friend!
Deadline: The deadline for sending out your item is the 23rd of this month, so please, please, please be aware, and don't enter if you are not going to be able to make it. The deadline for entering is a week from today (10/09) so hurry and shoot me an email with your info! Feel free to email me with any questions also.
I would love, love, love to get photos of the items you send and receive so remember me when you pull out your cameras :-) Happy swapping!

Elisabeth Arona

P.S. A little bit of the fashion designer in me won't be here are some things that are very IN right now: colorful socks, tights, and scarves (both knit-especially cowl ones, and cloth ones). 


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