Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fat? No. Roundish? Yes.

Let me start by saying I'm neither obese, nor depressed about my current weight...but sometimes, y'know you just get that urge to shape up. My problem is that my two sisters that live at home still (both early 20s like me) are both tiny little things. One is 5 feet tall and wears a size two or occasionally children's sizes and the other wears size 6 and she's 5 feet 4 inches tall. I don't remember ever actually wearing either of those sizes, and it was never something that I worked toward, but I like to assume that my sisters by point of reference make me look large. Every time my mom wants to lose weight, she wants me to lose weight with her, and every so often my dad tells me I need to change my eating habits or exercise more for my "health".
My sisters and I. Left to right: Sarah, Mary, me, and Julia in front.

I can at least take comfort in the thought that when Mary was home, she was always getting the same kinda suggestions. Since she got married and moved away though, she's had a baby and no one bothers the mom of the first grandbaby :-) 
My point? Oh yeah, forgot I had to have one of those. Although I don't feel large usually, I would like to tone up and get some exercise in just so I won't always feel like a lazy hag. I went to the skating rink with some home school kids from out church and it was great! I forgot how much fun rollerblading is, and how much of a sweat I work up(especially since normally I don't sweat much)...I also forgot about how achey my legs would be the next day. With all this being said, I have come up with a plan. I want to buy some rollerblades. I've never been that person that enjoys working out just because it makes you healthy,  I want a workout to be fun! If anyone knows of any nice inexpensive rollerblades around let me know-size 9. I've also considered jumping rope, buying some zumba dvds of my own, and playing frisbee with the girls more often. If you know of any good "exercise fun" feel free to suggest it. My allergies are horrible right now, so anything indoors is best! 

Elisabeth Arona

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  1. While there is nothing wrong with shaping up and staying healthy - in my eyes you are GORGEOUS! You are not large by any means. I realize you feel larger than your sisters but you are so beautiful in your own right.


  2. I totally agree with Sue. You are quite beautiful... inside and out! Just realize God created you to be exactly who you are and He does not make mistakes!


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