Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While all of you may not actually like animated films or think they're childish, I always have loved them. They're the best! They're like daydreams come to life! How can you not feel happy watching one? At the end of this post is one I'm looking forward to watching as soon as it comes out :-)
I'm the type of person who enjoys all the creativity that goes into movies, whether they are animated, or partially animated, or with real live actors and actresses (a mixture of both would be Enchanted which I have to commend the makers and especially the costume designers on!) I have weakness for musicals too-sound of music or seven brides for seven brothers anyone? Am I the only one that thinks it would be so exciting if for one day the whole world turned into a musical and everyone was bursting into song willy nilly? Yeah, okay, maybe I am. So, I'm thinking of actually putting previews of movies that I'm interested in on my blog once in awhile-any thoughts on that? One more question: what did you think of this preview? Is it something that you would take your kids to, or watch yourself?


  1. Lizzi, I love animated films.
    Perhaps for you it's the artistic side of you.

    It is for me - love to see the graphics.

    Now that I have seen the trailer, I plan to go see it.

    I used to go with my daughter, now grown and married...well will go anyway.


  2. My DD#1 sent me the trailer to this the other day. Looks adorable! I love all the animated movies!

  3. I love animated anything. The graphics today are so much better than when I was a little girl.

    I would love reviews.

    Yesterday my grandson and I were on Youtube, listening to songs. We put one on that was made in 1963 of Barbra Streisand (my favorite all time female singer). It sounded awful! Cole said that is cause it was made in 1963! LOL


  4. Hi Lizzi.......I loved Enchanted. Of course a lot of it has to do with Patrick Dempsey.
    This one looks like a keeper too.

  5. Roxanne, awww, too bad I can't go with you :-)

    Zuda, doesn't it! I just know I'm gonna be singing songs off of it too lol.
    Suki I love old songs!
    Lol Rita at least you're honest ;-) I'm sure that's the reason for a lotta people watching it. I love him personally.

  6. I have 2 small kids and I think I enjoy new movies more than they do!

  7. i love animated movies...nice trailer. thanks for sharing!


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