Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After the dust clears: The Accessory Exchange/Swap

Remember the blog swap I held here? I do!! What I received in the swap had me smiling for days :-) Since I had included that my favorite color was blue Debi (my swap partner) sent me a blue bracelet that she made herself just for me! I was surprised to see a sweet card with a handwritten note too! THE best partner, seriously!

Beautiful, right? I immediately put it on :-)
The box had this great little zipper pull on it, and my mom was so busy examining it, that she didn't realize there was another gift IN the box lol.
The pretty card included...
Yes, I'm blessed.

Feel free to check out her shop and see some more of her pretties! 

Elisabeth Arona


  1. What a lovely gift! You really got 2 gifts in one!

  2. Beautiful bracelet! I love my gift from Anastasia also.

    Do you know what I sent to my partner?


  3. Sheila, yes I did! I was very very happy :-)
    No Suki I don't! I only received your pictures of what you received (I was gonna do a blog about everyone's gifts...)


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