Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tempting Tuesday-Educate yourself first

The following clip strays a little from my usual "Hey, this is a funny/cute movie you should watch" stance. This film is about the dire straits our nation is in. I literally teared up when I saw this movie. Take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt (since it always seems like I'm chiding my own people), but minorities in the US are constantly saying that they're being done wrong and that everyone is out to get them...but my thoughts have always been that no one can bring another person down if that person has educated himself.
As for everyone, minority or no: you can't fight wrongs that you see done if you can't read or write, and you can't expect the world to become a better place if you're not learning how to make it better. What I see in this trailer makes me sad--but I think it's spot on-because it's a sad reality. So for this Tempting Tuesday, I'm hoping I can tempt you to educate yourselves, by first watching this trailer, and then watching the movie. I will...

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Elizzy - I have seen this up close and personal. It hurts me so much. My best friend, Orlando, came here from Puerto Rico when he was 5 years old and he and his sibs just never brought themselves "up and out". He is such an intelligent man in his own right but never did get that much needed education.

  2. I so agree Elizzy, it is terrible, you hit the nail on the head with your blog post. Sad times we are in...

  3. I agree -- having seen it firsthand as well. What a huge mess in this country! But, it can turn around with each person becoming better informed and standing up to say "enough!"

  4. I also agree Lizzi, it is awful what it happening in our country and our schools. We must stand strong and educate ourselves and our children. ♥


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