Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big tees and baby zs

Remember when I had "mommy syndrome" because my mom left me for a month with three kids (not counting my dad) to take care of, and I wore a shirt with black bean stains on it just because I was so frustrated after a long day and didn't give a care? I'm pretty sure I posted about it back in September, maybe here. Anyway, at that time my dad looked at me and decided against saying anything--wise, wise man-and NOW I am back at that place. I won't complain per say, but I will detail how my last few days have been in a short little nutshell. Who am I kidding? We all know I don't do short.
Their nicknames are Zay and Zap, and they are five month old twins. They are absolutely too chunky, cuddly, and adorable, and although one is a pound heavier, they look so much alike that it takes a second to tell them apart unless they're sitting side-by-side. If you read my September post (I keep referring to,) you know ManMan, the adorable little human that has recently learned how to open doors; his mom told Zay and Zaps mom about us, and she decided she wanted us to babysit her twins. This week has been the first time we have had them for three full days straight. Ironically they're teething so diarrhea is in the books and everything is x2! Today my mom was here, but yesterday and the day before she was too busy to help so I had to form some sort of routine. A friend wanted to webcam me then kept complaining because I kept getting up to take care of the babies. My answer: "I told you I had kids!" My favorite time of day? NAPTIME!!!
Tuesday I wore a huge tshirt (I actually have a collection now,) and then got spit up on and had to change it, yesterday was the same, and so was today. I'm sure their parents wonder if I own anything else to cover my top half. The twins are a delight, but I'm beginning to think that one is a sympathetic crier :-/ As much as I would love to expound upon all of this, I must quickly hand out pats-on-the-back to every mother of twins that I know and don't know. You are amazing. I mean that. Now, unless "my" twins stop having reflux soon, or stop being babies maybe (since they're about to go through the messy baby food stage,) I will need to go wash my big tee collection so that I can have them ready to wear next week :-)

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Awwww, Elizzy! I love the way you write - you are so descriptive. I think I have heard or read somewhere that, with twins, there really is no relief time! If I lived closer, I would love to help you. I used to babysit back when my girls were younger. What am I saying? I still babysit but my grandson, Noah, is now 9! Ah relief! :o)

  2. They must be cute but exhausting! I don't think that you will have time to relax much with them around!

  3. Thank you Suki :-) I know it's gonna be a mess when they start crawling...
    pfd you think right lol. I breathe a sigh and start to find things to do when they nap.


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