Monday, December 6, 2010

Tempting Tuesday-Portfolio

Do you know what? I would like to grab a bunch of my girlfriends and go out to eat (I love doing that)...I would like for all of us to dress fabulously and get our hair done beautifully and have a personal photographer taking pictures of us the whole time. We would have the greatest time and pretend that we had paparazzi following us. I would LOVE for every girl to be wearing outfits I made myself and I could fill my portfolio with a bunch of awesome pictures...*sigh* It's a very tempting thought, one I may even act on eventually...

What tempts you?


  1. Going into New York City to see all of the Christmas displays and windows. Since I could never walk it, I would need a motorized chair. Afterwards, I would go to a restaurant called Butter to possibly meet one of my most favorite chefs on Foodnetwork, Alex Guarnachelli. She is such a passionate chef. Of course, Jenifer, Cole and Noah would be with me and we would be chauferred to and from in a small limo.
    How's that for a temptation? LOL



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