Monday, February 1, 2010

Mother will you...?

Today I talked to my mom about really getting into my etsy shop. My mom is the type of person that can start cross-stitching something and keep at it for a year if it takes that long...for me, I would stay really excited and start right on it (without planning necessarily) and then fizzle out if I haven't finished it in a week at the most. Sooo my mom can see things through while I can get them started (it's my activator strength at work.) Because of this I decided that having her "in the loop" would be veryvery helpful. I'm so happy because she said she'll do accounts. Basically she's gonna keep up with how much I spend to make the garment, how much I sell it for-or whether it sells-and all the subsequent costs and profits from there. 
I want to start right away, but I know that these cushions my aunt has me reupholstering, and these pants I'm making into a skirt for a friend come first. So when I was on a rare planning spree I wrote down how things will go. I'm going to finish taking this cushion apart, and make the pattern and every week I'll finish a cushion. That way I won't get so caught up on the cushions that I won't get to do "my stuff".
As for life in general, I'm getting over a virus which a church friend generously passed on to me. It had be down for a few days, and while I can now eat regular food, my poor shrunken stomach is not happy with the small portion sizes that it can contain...or maybe it's my eyes that want more...
I will keep updating about how things go.