Friday, April 30, 2010

Love book...

Yesterday I decided to pull out an old empty scrapbook and make my "love book". My love book is a book that has all the cards and letters and sweet notes that I've gotten for birthdays and just because (and I suppose I'll add graduations too eventually.) 
Here is a picture of the first page. The card at the top I received from my parents on about my thirteenth birthday. It has no words on the front, but when you open up it simply states "Happy birthday your cuteness!" :-). I liked that cards so much that it stayed on my dresser for weeks after my birthday until I was told to take it down (somehow they're still making me take down cards even now.)
The bottom card is from my grandparents. Grammy always picked out and sent the cards as well as added the check for fifteen dollars...I was about eight when I received that card.

Little things you do make a difference to people. Things people say to us, and the way they treat us leave footprints on our hearts. A smile, a wave, and a kind word cost nothing, but are remembered sometimes longer than a gift. Nobody thought I would have these cards all these years, while to some they may be just pieces of paper, to me they are tokens of someone's love for me. So think of someone today, and when you do, call, email, text, or wave to let them know that you did, because you just might make their day :-)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My headband

I finally got pictures of my waistband headband on my sister! I think she made a beautiful model once she finished complaining :-)

Eco-friendly fun-ly (funly not a word--but that's okay)

I wonder if I'm the only one who likes visiting my blog then clicking the little "next blog" button up at the top and following blogs that inspire me. I find so many lately! I want to be a blog that people want to follow *pretend wipe tear* but last time I checked I just kinda wasn't. I wish I knew how long it took these people to get like a thousand followers. I always assumed I didn't have them because I kept my blog a secret, but now that some people know, I still haven't improved by much lol. People want to be inspired, and if you're not showing your creativity, or giving them some way to relate, you're not going to inspire anyone. So here's to me being more inspiring :-)

Okay, on with my day. I was thinking yesterday about being eco-friendly. As one of my last projects when I was in college I wrote a loooong paper about being eco-friendly in what we wear. Since I'm not the type of person to go out spending a ton of money going green-since spending all your green doesn't make you eco-friendly, I wrote it in a way that those of us every-day people would find easy. Here is a shortened, revised, and rejuvenated version:

  • Patronize your local goodwill
I love thrift stores, they inspire me, and there's always some lovely treasures just waiting to be bought for extra cheap prices. While shopping at thrift stores in general is "green" since you're reusing items instead of buying new or letting them get thrown in the garbage, shopping goodwill is especially good; let me tell you why. Goodwill makes a point of helping those less fortunate by employing handicapped people, or those who have a hard time obtaining jobs elsewhere, so you're killing two birds with one stone. What better excuse do you need to go shopping?
  • Iron less
Hey, sounds good to me already! Okay, admittedly I don't know everything about this topic, but I do know that wasting resources is not green. I purposefully wear mostly things I don't have to iron just because I'm lazy, but my my laziness is saving the world! :-) Besides ironing less, try unplugging those cellphone chargers and turning off those lights when you leave the room.

  • Save Stuff
Okay, while this may sound vague, I promise you it's not! Saving those milk cartons are great for many crafts, just as saving the tops to soda bottles are great "tires" for the next kiddie car project. Egg cartons can be used to plant seeds in, and to house the little shoots until they're large enough to transplant. Shoes boxes are great health and beauty baskets once they are covered in magazine pages (I keep my shampoo and things in mine), my Sunday school class helped me make mine. I'm sure that each person can think outside the box, so to speak, and find a use for a lot of items that we sometimes throw away without really thinking.

I am going to end here lest reading this become a life-time project :-) and wasted time is wasted energy (which isn't green at all.)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's all in the way you look at it...

The wind was blowing today, and even though that meant that when I went outside to snap these few pictures I came back in sneezing, somehow the breeze was okay. These same trees were outside yesterday, as were the flowers, but yesterday I didn't even notice them...Today I thought of how beautiful they were with the wind blowing through the leave. 
What happened yesterday that I didn't take the time to notice all the beauty around me? Nothing about my eyes was different, I could see like I do today, but I didn't feel joy in it like I did today. Life is all about attitude. I had to write about this because today I've seen so many things that reminded me of how I should treasure every day. A show I watched had a lady dying, and she made the statement "I didn't waste a single year of my 72 years." Something about that struck me, and I said "Wow...that's a big claim to make. It must be wonderful to not look back and regret that year that 'nothing went right'." Yes, the show was fiction, but later on facebook I saw a status someone had put up about how as children we see things as exciting and beautiful and once we grow up we're constantly too busy to pay attention.

The bible says "This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it". Did you notice that it said nothing about whether the day was sunny and warm or cold and dreary? God made all of our days, and I'm going to make a conscious effort to rejoice in each and every one. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monnie's eleventh birthday

Here she is with Daddy about to leave
I did her hair in a bun with a lil hump in the front and gave her some jewelry to wear. We have some pretty flower bushes in the front yard that were perfect for taking pictures in front of...I wish I could paint. Nece was a little jealous, but she survived. When they left she was trying out her new skates we found at the yard sale today.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tailor or Taylor your tank

Yesterday I received an email on facebook from my friend Taylor. We have been sending emails back and forth a lot, because we are both struggling to start fan pages, find buyers, and improve in our arts (hers is jewelry making). Anyway, this email wasn't about that; this email was about a tank top that she saw that she thought was cute, it had a little ruffle added to the neckline. She wants to start sewing, and thought this might be the best first project for her. I agree! I thought the title of this post was perfect, because not only does Taylor have a great name for puns, but everyone should be able to personalize their tanks and make it "them".

One day when I was finishing up my last quarter in college, toting around my huge portfolio and rubber cement, I saw a poster on the wall that said "pimp that tee" or something like that. It was for a contest that all the Fashion Design students could enter, I allowed myself to dream a little (it's such an easy project) and then the amount of work that was due, and the way I never saw my house anymore hit me...I couldn't enter. I've thought of all kinds of things: adding a draped overlay, adding capped sleeves, and adding buttons, but so far I've done none of these things. I did however give you a head start, and did some of your footwork for you by finding some sewing how-to's:

This craft gossip blog has many editors, but this particular post by Anne Weaver has a tutorial for putting sleeves in a tank's so easy! (That's a picture of the finished product above. CUTE!) Check it out here .

And this blog: Ruffles and Things by Disney by a woman called Disney is all about sewing and would be great for any beginner looking for artsy projects to do on one of those "crafty" days. I found out by reading her "About me" section on her blog that she loves many things, among them Jesus! I love finding other believers when I'm not even looking!

And last but not least, here is a blog that tells how to revive an old tank and makes something cutesy and useful for a toddler you know. The Blog is rightfully titled "how to do stuff" and it's written by a self-proclaimed "thrifty crafter". For those of us who don't have tons of money to spend on our crafts thrifty and "cheap" are two of our favorite words...not to mention "re-purposed".

So here I will close. If out of these, you can't become highly inspired to create, I just can't help ya :-)


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today has been an interesting day. I'm not a planner, but I have been planning away...Our 7th youth and family fellowship is coming up and we're late getting everything together mostly due to the church being under construction. I'm planning to many wonderful things, I can only hope that I won't have about ten new gray hairs, and a huge lifetime headache for my trouble.

As for the other things that I was doing today, I promised my first five fan page followers free fashion illustrations...and I finished up the first one today...I think it looks good. I am waiting for the final approval from the person I made it for then we'll be all good! When someone has such beautiful work, you almost feel like trying to recreate it in any way is almost pointless...but that's the way it is with creation! We take pictures, paint, and sketch all day and though we may come out with beautiful things, there is nothing quite so lovely as the original.

What do you think of the illustration?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My gift!

It's here!!!!! I got my hairpin!! Don't ask me why I was so excited about a hairpin of an insect that in real life I'm slightly afraid of...but I am okay? When I saw it, I knew right away I wanted it...The crazy thing is that someone who has never actually seen me in real life bought it for me.
Long story short, I joined a group called CAST (Christian Artists Street Team) on etsy, and everyone was really friendly. So many encouraging wonderful people. When I posted that I loved the hairpin and wanted it, someone bought it for me. That touched my heart in a special way. If someone would buy something for me that hasn't even seen me, then things I do, and say can affect people the same way. Anyway, enough yammer. Here it is in all it's glory. I must've pinned it in, then pulled it out fifteen times on the way to midweek service until I finally found the perfect place and way to put it :-) I love the way it looks like it just lit there and will flit away any moment. Check out this special lady's store at:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I DID IT!! Yes, I set up a facebook fanpage. I know this hasn't been a huge thing of mine, but I started thinking about it awhile ago, and also just shoved it out of my mind as being pointless..I didn't want to be all into obvious self-promotion :-)

Well, the bible says whatsoever you do, do heartily as unto the Lord...and that's a good way to look at it. It's just the beginning, but I did a little giveaway, and my sister told me to stop being a chicken and suggest it to my friends so I did that too. I'm so excited about the possibilities...if I don't get the job that I had the interview at Monday I'll just put my heart fully into creating things and selling on etsy.

Hmmmm I need some business cards...


Monday, April 19, 2010

What if?

When I stay up late at night I start having more's a very inspirational time for me :-)

What if I were to buy skirts at say the thrift store and change them around? I can add to them, subtract from them, and all sorts of things. I could make a skirt from fabric I have, and rip the pocket off of a skirt I buy at the thrift store and sew it on. I could buy a tank top and add sleeves with a different fabric and then add buttons down the front! I feel inspired already. Last year I made a skirt purse from a little girl's mini skirt, and it's just hanging in my room. I should so try to sell it. I meant to give it away for a prize at an event and never did.

What if I took some of the illustrations I've done on bristol board and cut them out and put them on the cards that I'm going to start making along with my new paper quilling flowers and things? That would be one way to effectively use two skills I have at once!

What if every time I feel like giving up I keep my hands busy doing something that's easy, knowing that when I start crafting I just want to craft more?

What if I started a love book?...I've been wanting to for awhile. It'll be a scrapbook filled with all the sweet notes I've gotten from people, and the cards for birthdays, and graduations, and pictures of special that card that my sister gave me when I was sick on Valentines day...Every time I feel discouraged I could open it up and see all the people that love me.

What if I set aside time every day to practice my fashion illustrating just so I won't get worse? My teacher kept telling us that as long as we always practice we can't get worse :-)

What if I find one person per day to concentrate on? Pray for...encourage, pay attention to? It's hard to have issues all the time when you're focusing on someone else and their needs...Plus the gift someone who has never seen me (cast member) gave to me touched my heart. It reminded me of the verse in the bible that says how can we love God who we can't see, when we don't love the people that we can see?

Anyway...just some thoughts...I had to put them down. They felt deep, but tomorrow when it's not 1:15 in the morning it'll just look like random thoughts I'm sure.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update on prayer request

Update on the prayer request about the girl's dad (you can read my post from a few days ago). He is apparently conscious, and up and about. A big Thank You to all who said a prayer for him!


no games, a couple of nails, and some paint.

Yesterday was supposed to be a leisurely game night for the teens and above to come and enjoy themselves with some games at our house. The "GAME night" ended up being a stressful event that I was bugged about all day, had to shop for, and ended up working through. There wasn't a single game, and children were there sometimes even underfoot while I was painting at the church. I get really stressed when my plans change, and although I'm trying to change that, this time I believe it was justified. Generally "we should" really means "you will" and there goes my whole day...
On the upside my classroom has been mostly painted, and we taught my friend Jackie how to paint! I couldn't believe she's made her way through several of her teen years and never learned to paint! Here is a picture of my classroom...Bright right? I loved it...My kids need some brightness in the classroom instead of the boring cream from last year. The ones that came in to watch me work loved the color even when I dabbed a bit on their noses :-)

"In everything give thanks for this is the will of God..."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New ideas and new endeavors...

Today I received an email from a lady whose blog I follow...I don't know her personally but when I was browsing through the blogosphere (I've been wanting to use that word) I found her page to be one of the prettiest I had come across and I automatically see her on my dashboard now. Anyway I emailed her about sending her some of my quilling creations so that she could try them and sort of "review" them, she replied saying that she would be happy to try them out and gave me her address. I'm working on some now for her other than the ones that I'm selling on etsy. I want her to like them. I also decided to step out on faith and purchase some cards to use them on and even try to sell them should be fun.

In other news I have a phone interview for tomorrow for a job I applied to (details later if I get the job.) I'm thrilled and a little nervous. My friend does work there already as a new hire and is the one who suggested the job to me. Tomorrow is the "sew test" and even though overall I'm confident in my skills I'm not so sure what will be expected of me and that makes me a little nervous. I used to alter BRAS...I should be able to do this, right? I'm quoting so many verses to myself right now lol.

Thyyyy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path...(I like that song)...Sunday I had the children bring toilet paper rolls (empty) to class and we made "candles" out of them. They're so cute. I adore them.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer Changes Things...

A friend of mine on facebook told me about these girls. Their dad is a missionary with macedonia world and their mother died two years ago. Anyway, their dad just had a really bad heart attack and they're not sure he's going to make it he's in ICU. Please pray for him. These sweet girls need a dad even more since they've already lost their mom. Their names are Millie and Maggie Stewart, I don't know their dads name...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paper quilling selling??

I'm trying to sell these now...I wonder if anyone will buy them. Dad said to be optimistic, but even though I would love to use them if I were scrapbooking or card-making it doesn't mean everyone will. I enjoy making them, now I just need something to do with them lol.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hair and hairballs lol

Agghhh, sometimes my hair is sometimes a thorn in the flesh...After blowdrying it, this is what it looked like. Believe it or not, I managed to get it much more "calm" than last time!! Anyone who is thinking about going natural with their hair should definitely really think about how much work it will be if they wanna wear it straight.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

seat cushion and not horrible saturday

Omg, there is a Saturday that I actually somewhat enjoyed!! Today I went to practice a song that I wanted to sing for church tomorrow morning...I finished it! Mercy said no is the name of the song but in this case mercy said yes and I finished in about five tries :-).
After that I bought an overpriced side salad and ate lunch in front of a show with my sister...then to my grandparent's house to clean. I can't say that my grandparent's housecleaning was an highlight of today (or any other Saturday), but at least we had brownies today. Grampy isn't looking so well, I'm praying for him and worrying a little in my heart.
When we got home this evening I immediately started up my computer and started looking for crafts for my class tomorrow, I finished that in a minimal amount of time and started on my aunt's cushions which were supposed to be done ages ago. I have to say that since it wasn't anything at all difficult that I was kinda uninspired by it and just let it sit. It was almost too easy especially once the pattern was outta the way (which it was weeks ago) it's kinda embarrassing. Anyway, here is the finished product. She picked a great fabric...Now I have at least this off my conscience and am just itching to start on another project! Auntie will be so happy to see it (and finally have something to sit on while she eats :-))

Now...I have my dress for tomorrow set aside (so happy for now that summer is here) and all I have to do tomorrow is wake up and that...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not a complete failure

okay so it's not so great...but here is my very first paper quilling design (?) lol. I did somewhat make it through the lil project!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You can't stick to anything...

A few weeks ago, around my birthday I came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn quilling. It's not the first time I came up with this great (or not) idea...years ago I saw it in a craft store and wanted to learn...but that's happened with lotsa stuff.
Fast forward to last week:
I got on ebay and found a cheap quilling kit for beginners and I'm waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail as I type. Sooo since I actually ordered it instead of dreaming about it, I realized that I will possibly start on it with a deep interest and enthusiasm then forty-five minutes later when I realized I'm not immediately amazing at it, I will put it up. I'm hoping this doesn't happen, but I know me...and things aren't looking good for me in this area. I've decided that I will give it a whole week before I quit. That's fair right? Right?


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing by accident...

Okay yes, I did accidentally get roped into sewing an Easter dress for my little sister. How in the world?! Generally when I say yes to things I mean 'yes sounds like a good idea', or 'yes, that would be nice', but not 'yes, I'll do it'! Anyway, I made the mistake of saying yes to my sister Sarah, so the night before we left town last-minute to visit my pregnant sister the fabric got shoved under my nose. Oh well...I made it without an actual pattern, and after working a couple hours on it had it nearly finished. Tuesday morning I was at it again and my sewing machine's tension is set for thicker fabric so I kept having problems...We left Tuesday early afternoon and didn't come back until Saturday night. You guessed it...I didn't even bother. Sunday morning I woke up thirty minutes early, worked on it for fifteen minutes and I was done! I was happy with the result even though it might've lacked a lil inspiration. It has an elastic band for around her neck, and then some stretch lace that goes around her back and elastic at the skirt so she could get it on without a zipper. It's so thin that I had to use a lining too...I should really do this more often! I received some much needed encouragement from my big sister so I have no excuses (as always lol.)