Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Events without appreciation...

You know the kind of weeks where you work your fingers to the bone and no one notices, where you give suggestions and push for it only to be told to stop talking?? Yeah? I had that kind of week. I helped plan an event that I was supposed to only cook a single dish for. I ended up doing a lot of other people's work, as well as running and getting most of the things that I suggested in the first place at the last minute (it really didn't feel that great to be right.) I'm still  a bit childish and have to come to grips with people not caring what I think, or giving me props for getting things done lol. Sooo, in an effort to rise above here are a couple of pictures of things that I accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing.
Here is my oldest (pregnant) sister displaying the cake she made...The fondant was fun. I made a teddy bear, bottle, and a pacifier out of it (all on that cake.) I also made the watermelon fruit salad...It was a little more time-consuming than I first speculated.

Here is a shirt I am working on. It needs a few little things...but hopefully I'll work it all out at least by midweek!!

Now that I think about it, it brings to mind the verse: "Let every man prove his OWN work and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another." 

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft night?!

Whew...well I'm back! I visited NC with a friend, and thought I would get lotsa rest, but ended up so much sleepier when I got back home lol. I don't care because I had so much fun hanging around the antique shops. Soooo much inspiration just waiting to be pounced on in those places!! AND her totally cute cousin gave me a shirt to make a few more flowers out of and got me to thinking. Why not use all kinds of fabrics that I see at thrift stores as stuff? Hmmm, may or may not be cheaper...but if I buy something to use the buttons off of, I guess I could use the fabric too. I hate to waste.

What I really got on here to say was that I'm planning a craft night! I'm so excited and want as many people to come as possible. So far I haven't gotten very far, I just know when and where. If the first one is a success (I'm so excited) then we can do more after that! I would really like to meet more crafters nearby, but that's not happening at any great speed...I don't even care what their craft is really, I just like meeting people that are crafty because they inspire me. I feed off of their excitement about whatever they make, and it comforts me that so many people are in the same place as I am. Creating, but not yet selling really.

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, June 14, 2010


Tonight I was feeling somewhat crafty and decided to try out some of the very popular rosettes. It's funny, but I am embarrassed to say that I haven't ever done any--I'm a fashion designer and haven't done such a simple little thing...but they didn't teach me a lot of embellishments at school (and they charged me waaay too much lol.)

Anyway, here is the way my favorite turned out!

If anyone would like a tutorial, let me know. It's ridiculously easy to make :-)

And HERE is the next one...which I made lopsided by putting the button in the wrong place (sigh.)

Sooo that's it! Crafty feeling is less pressing now lol.

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Organization and planning for the artsy mind :-)

For some people, organization and planning come easily. It is like walking, breathing, seeing...well, you get my drift. For me, it has never been that way. Organization and planning go against everything that I am it seems. Last year I told someone that leadership, strategic planning, and those types of things just "weren't gifts God gave me." And yet, somehow it seems to always fall on me.
I hate failing! HATE IT HATE IT! So I try to be organized and write lists, but I lose them, or I go to write something down, and can't find a pencil and suddenly see something that needs to be done. For others like me (I've found that lots of artsy minds are this way and now I feel like less of a freak) I have come up with a list of things to do to somewhat counteract this messy, unplanned side of us.
1. Think BIG. If you tend to lose whatever you write things on, buy a nice big colorful notebook (usually run a couple dollars at the most.) If you get little tag things to go on each page for certain subjects it will make your life soooo much easier. My ideas and things tend to be all over the place and having a colorful notebook to hold everything helps. Find one that has a cool little folder built in the front to hold your scraps of paper and other lists too.
2. Be bright. I mean several things by this. Try to work/plan/organize in good light. If you have bad lighting you're messing up your eyes and your temperament (it's proven that the brighter it is the better your mood.) Open windows and work in the morning if you can function in the morning (hey, some of us can't.)
3. Cover up your problems. If you have issues with organization as far as craft supplies, try using nice shoe boxes (I covered the one I use for jewelry in magazine paper), and storage containers. I've also found that breaking things down into categories even more works for me, try using ziploc bags! I keep my thread in a ziploc bag and it's almost the only thing I never lose.
4. Make a list and check it twice. I may have a lot of lists, but I've found that sometimes making two or three lists ends up being okay because I lose one or two and still have another. If you have to buy supplies first write down everything you need in general then pull out another sheet of paper with all the store names and put each item under their store name. Call me silly, but this makes it more fun for me, and keeps my attention (I have the attention span of a gnat generally.)
5. Keep it technical. If you like to be on the computer, go on the computer and write down what you need, that way you have a hard copy. Also remember that a nice computer break is needed once in awhile and beating yourself up about it is pointless :-)
6. Be bubbly. The more you talk about your plans, the more bright ideas you get. Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off of...so go find someone! I've also found that occasionally I remember something I forgot when I'm talking to someone about my plans.
7. Hide from your past. Don't focus on how much you normally stink at planning or fail in your organization attempts, think instead on how much you want to be better, and how much fun you can have learning a new skill. Organization is a skill like anything else, and old habits may be hard to break but the faster you drop them the faster they are broken :-)

...and in closing...please remember to attempt this at home. I am not responsible for any beautiful shocking new space made because of this post, or any event planned after reading. 

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Five points about selling from one who has not sold :-)

1.You are not your own worst critic. You are one of the worst, but there will always be someone who can discourage you in a much bigger way than you expected. Prepare for it, and you won't get so beat down when it happens (and it will happen.)

2. Sometimes you just need an outside party. When I say an outside party I don't mean a party that's outside :-) I mean someone who has a craft of their own, but it's not the same as your craft. Having someone who understands your need to create, but hasn't given up will re-motivate you as well and inspire you.

3. Find someone who can build a fire. My married sister is the one that lit a fire until my rear end, and it was much needed too. Find someone you look up to, and talk to them about making, selling, or whatever is standing in your way of both.

4. Just stop and think about it. Once in awhile everyone needs a new inspiration. Take a break sometimes or you'll get "burnt out" (hehe pun intended) and not want to work anymore. Sometimes slowing down, smelling the roses, and daydreaming is good for you and your shop.

5. Take your shoes off at the door. Look at your finished product as you would someone else's, with a critical eyes, and decide whether it's something that you would wear, use, buy. Do this with the prices, and every aspect of your product. When necessary you can always find your most critical, loving friend who will tell you straight up the pros and cons. 

Elisabeth Arona