Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kentucky on Thursday

Do your brothers constantly annoy you, occasionally have shockingly deep conversations with you, and teach you new things? Yeah, mine didn't. I never had brothers. I grew up with three sisters, and then eight years ago we added on two new ones. Still no boys. I have hung out with guys a lot, but sometimes I really get a little taste of what having brothers would be like; the good, the bad, and the ugly all come out.

I am at my friend's house and she is preparing for a wedding this Saturday so we are Busy (notice the capital B.) My friend (we will call her H) has eleven siblings, two of which are married, but basically it's a full house. I have realized several things from these guys.
1. They mean well. Sometimes guys say and do stupid things (from a girl's emotional standpoint,) but generally they mean well, they just picked the wrong time to tease. In their defense they really just seem to have a hard time judging when someone shouldn't be messed with...I'm a girl and it took me awhile too!
2. They can really teach you how to play xbox. I learned in about ten minutes and am now sure (with almost male enthusiasm) that I could beat my "teacher" at it if I tried hard enough.
3. They LOVE their sisters. Yes, they can be annoying, but they're showing their love in their own way. Really, having brothers is major awesome for protection from outsider males. Not only do they keep the bad ones away, sometimes they keep ones that they just don't like away too!

Anyway, I'm having a great time here...I really wished for almost a whole minute that I had brothers today :-) then I realized I could borrow someone else's with much less trouble and that's what I'm gonna do.

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The flight

The Flight 
The flight to Kentucky was beeeautiful. The only thing more beautiful (and scary) is flying through rain. At the beginning of the flight there was only clean sky, then at one point we flew through tons of beautiful puffy clouds...And there was a time when I wanted to reach out and touch the them because they looked so soft and "delicious".

I looked around at the other passengers, but I seemed to be the only one impressed. Call this childish, but if enjoying God's creation is childish may I forever stay a child. I want to always find excitement in my surrounding and be awed by nature. This is one reason I enjoy traveling with others, there was no one for me to tell...and I couldn't even text :-)

Clouds were especially thick here

Elisabeth Arona


I have decided to post while I am away about being away. Hopefully interesting things will happen so I won't have to work too hard for them :-)

I am currently sitting in the middle of the world's tiniest airport-or maybe I just think so. Anyone been to the Birmingham, AL airport (BHM)? At least it has wireless, but when my sister and I arrived the place looked deserted! "Is it open?" My shocked sister asked. "Ummmmm..." I replied hesitantly. We are definitely city girls. I headed inside to check in my bag and there was no line! Are reading me? NO LINE! The Atlanta airport is never without a line, EVER. I thought it was kinda cool though. I asked the lady at the front desk if this was normal, and she said, "Yeah, pretty much!" People are really friendly here though, and the cheaper price was definitely worth it. 

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tempting Tuesday

These are the things that tempt me today.

I love Chinese food, and I hope that while I am away--oh btw I'm going to Kentucky for a friends wedding-I will manage to fit some Chinese food into the schedule :-)


While I was in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, I managed to make it to the hot tub...I love hot tubs and pools...and well...clean water!


My dear friend Taylor managed to get me somewhat addicted to frappes. I would love one or two or three right now!


What tempts you?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mmmmm...chocolate everywhere.

Due to being highly moody and stressed out, this post is filled with the things that would make me feel best at this moment. Find them all at Hershey's site.

Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Race? What RACE??

My family and I (I'm in the red flowered dress)

As a forward, let me say that I believe racist crimes should be punished, as well as all other crimes...true crimes are not what this post is about. So let me begin:

Lately it seems like every time I turn around there is an issue where someone being "racist" pops up in the news, when there was nothing I considered racist about the incidents let alone the people. I will be the first to say that as a "lil bit of everything" type of chick, I find this somewhat annoying. To me, people are people. Yes, anyone can tell a white person looks different from a black person, an Asian person looks different from an Indian person, and so on...but when it comes down to it, it's really not worth all the drama. For those who don't get it, let me put it in perspective for you.
My mom was from the country-here in Georgia (things move a lot slower there--especially in the South) and when she was a kid, she walked to a one-room schoolhouse, while the white children rode the bus down the dirt road to their school. My dad was born in the U.S. to a Canadian mother (who is biracial) and a Jamaican father (also biracial, a descendant of Scottish and Irish natives), and though I really have never heard my dad talk about being treated differently as a light-skinned, green-eyed guy in Jamaica, my grandmother does talk about segregation and things of that nature. My mom said that her dad had green or grey eyes and it was rumored that one of his parents was white, but that couldn't be talked about back then because people could be hurt for that.
I said all this to say that I have it good. While I have heard a lot of "What race are you?" and "Is your dad white?" as well as a few snubs by people black and white, I don't really care. Most of it happened when I was too little to understand or care actually. I've been told that I shouldn't "think I'm all that" because I'm light-skinned by my own race, so far be it from me to tell a curious white person who asks what black people eat--out of true ignorance on the topic-that they are racist because they asked it.
Even though I find it highly annoying, there will always be people who don't talk to someone because they're too ugly, too handicapped, too tall, too skinny, too pretty, or some other just-as-confusing reason. I can't help this, and sometimes I think that perhaps people throw out the race card because it's the easiest and most obvious excuse for not being nice.
What is my point? I guess my point is that people are people; you can be what you want to be if you don't let anyone hold you back. No matter what race you are, people will insult you for something because even the nicest person is gonna have a bad day and lash out-not to mention those people who are just rude all day every day. So let's just all try a little harder to forgive and forget :-) and enjoy out lives. When God made us, he said that his creation was very good, and I truly believe he was right.

Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friend Friday-Link up!

Do you like to make new friends? I know I do...and I love finding new blogs to check out, so add your blog to my linky and check out some of the other cool blogs that have added theirs! Hopefully you will find some new friends and some new friends will find you in the process :-) Enjoy!

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wiley Wednesday--new ideas!!

Although some of you have seen it already, other of you haven' here is my latest creation! I think I look absolutely horrible in this pic, but I'm working on that too lol-and I did like my crazy hair! I made this shirt especially for a trip I took to Virginia for a youth conference. I really hoped to advertise a lot, but that didn't happen so much. It's hard for me to advertise for myself because I feel like I am boasting or being obnoxious and no one likes that. It's most natural for me to deflect when people start praising me (it doesn't actually happen that often) so a couple times after I said "this is the shirt I made" and they started telling me it was great, I changed the subject. D'oh! I won't be able to sell if I can't do this! Any advice? I'm sure some of you have had a problem with self-promoting.

Anyway, you may be wondering what this has to do with Wiley Wednesday, and here it is. This shirt is a sneak peek at designs to come! I'm going to work with more ruffles and things soon. Any ideas on what I could be cooking up?

Elisabeth Arona

Tempting Tuesday

For this Tempting Tuesday I put together an adorable outfit that I would so wear! I love hats, and this skirt makes my heart beat a little faster :-)

What tempts you?

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, August 16, 2010

I LOVE MAIL...and then I don't.

Being an adult is hard. I used to be excited every time mail came for me, but today the hospital (read back to this post if you don't know the story) sent me a letter saying that they had done nothing wrong and I still owe them money. This either means (A) They have some lying doctors. (B) They don't know how to read-because since when was a sick nurse not against hospital regulations? or (C) They have lying doctors, nurses, and reviewing officials as well as horrible customer service. Yes, I had to vent.

On the other hand I received my Squiz cards in the mail today! These little darlings are so cute and tiny (aka mini hehe) and I got mine during a giveaway they were having, but feel free to purchase some for yourself HERE. They're waterproof and come with this adorable little holder!

I also participated in a blog recipe swap at this thoroughly awesome blog (I think I spoke about it once before) and have been receiving recipes in the mail from my swappy pals! I wish this were an ongoing thing! One recipe came all the way from Australia (soooo neat!)

Last week this and a hairpin came in the mail from an accessory swap on this blog! Does anyone see a pattern emerging here? I'm addicted to blog activities. I do believe that I will be having a swap this winter if I have time between all the things coming at me soo so fast!

So yes, I do love getting mail...until those adult moments come around and I receive a bill or bad news. Ohhh to be a kid again!

Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I miss my mommyyyyy

In case anyone has been wondering why I haven't written on my blog, it's because I am out of town. I'm sorry!

We left one Wednesday at 2 AM and I drove the first shift. Driving from here (GA) to Virginia is ten hours. I had five hours and my sister had five. I got an hour and sleep and was sooooo sleepy, but I did okay. I had a teenage co-pilot, and then my sister Sarah would have our other teenage friend for hers. I believe my sister planned to get all of her sleep while it was dark, and then drive during the light; her plan worked. When I stopped driving at 7 AM it was light and I was starting to swerve a little.
Fast forward to arriving in Virginia. We met a friend at our hotel and he helped us unload our stuff, then we headed back out to get food. Only God knew what would happen next. Five literal minutes down the street we went to switch lanes and apparently someone else had the same idea (or was speeding) we met in the middle. It was on my side and I saw it coming closer and closer. I screamed. I really wished it was a nightmare.
We are planning to drive the car, somewhat smashed door, and ripped off front bumper included. It's the worst feeling being away from our parents and in another state when (God forbid) something like this happens. Anyway, as someone told us, "The car can be replaced, but you cannot. Be thankful you're okay!"
I'm grateful, and trying to have a good time and will hopefully be back to posting as soon as I get home (Sunday.)

I miss my mommy and daddy!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tempting Tuesday: Simply Delicious Site

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
In case any of you have forgotten, it's Tempting Tuesday on Lizzisays! Soooo, here is the most tempting thing I found so far this week. In a way it's sad how much of a visual person I am. I love food, and this picture makes me want to weep. I can taste the bacon crust and the delicious tender chicken...*Ahem* Okay, I am back from my daydream. I didn't just come to tempt you with thoughts of chicken, but also with the desire to cook something up yourself.

Perhaps you too are a visual person. If you are, then this site I found is just for you! It is called Visual Recipes and it's basically exactly what it appears to be (from the name.) You get recipes and the step by step instructions with pictures! Is it obvious that this concept excites me? I did a couple recipes like that on here, and now you can find a really good selection too. So, what are you waiting for? I can't believe you're still reading my ramblings! I hope you enjoyed this Tempting Tuesday!

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, August 9, 2010

Marvelous Monday

I haven't decided what to label my Mondays-and many of you would argue that they are anything but marvelous. I disagree! While I truly dislike Saturdays, I LOVE Mondays! I don't work outside the home, so instead of dreading all of the weeks work, instead I look at all the things that I will create this week and can get started on today! It's a very exciting thing for me, and I wake up ready to get started.

My Monday morning consists of getting a good stretch in...
I'm juuuuust kidding, I would never be able to do that yoga pose (I don't even do yoga) I just thought it would give everyone a chuckle if I put that picture up. 

Then I quickly start saving the world...

One missed email, and Facebook status at a time...

After this, there is a jumble of cleaning my room, figuring out my next sewing project, and of course...doing my hair...

(no comment)

And of course I must eat!

What are your Mondays like, and why oh why do you hate them so?

Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does that grass look greener to you?

Today while I was in the pool with two friends, we started a discussion about insecurities. It was pretty deep (okay, so maybe I just thought so, but judge for yourself.) I said that people tend to carry their insecurities over to others, and for an example I will use clothing. Someone who is afraid of wearing a certain color for fear of how others will react (someone once told me after I bought a certain color that it wouldn't look good on me), will often go to others and react negatively to their clothing color choices (therefore starting a chain reaction of insecurity.)
My friend who recently shaved her head to regrow her hair natural-oh yeah, I'm proud of her because I love having hair and would fear cutting it-said that when she wears weave or different colored wigs people comment about how she isn't happy with who she is or how God made her. Her reply was, "And you are?"
In their minds, these people consider themselves "more content" with their natural appearance although they have relaxers or perms, complain about their hair, or color their hair. I believe that for me to get into the insecurities of humans (especially women) regarding their hair and body image alone I would be here typing on through the night and yeah, maybe even through next week :-). So let me leave my main point with you. It is okay to enhance your natural beauty, but don't let what a few others consider beautiful or ugly sway you too much. You look in the mirror at yourself every day, you live in your skin, and you have to be happy with how you enhanced your person.
My daddy taught me that when I am most critical of others is when I am not happy with myself. I hate when he points it out because it is super true. I am going to an event in another state, and I was--okay am-somewhat afraid to wear my hair natural because I generally get mixed reviews. You know what though? I am going to wear it natural, and I will rock it, because I am confident (self esteem boosting in progress) and when I am happy with myself as a wonderful example of God's handiwork I won't worry about dissing other people to put them on the level I believe myself to be on...instead I will lift them up so we can stand on the same level together. In conclusion, as a radio host used to say...
"Now go do the right thing."

Elisabeth Arona

A problem with a solution

Every problem has a solution. I know this, and yet I still have a problem. I was a little nervous about broadcasting this, but I really felt peace about the idea; if that changes I will take it down. Those of you who are on CAST etsy team at least, know that in May I was sick for about a week with what (I didn't know then)  ended up being strep throat. Here is the numerical version all neat and tidy (without the name of the hospital) as I sent it to the Joint Commissioner's office. Do you have a solution or suggestion? I would love to hear it. I am contacting the health department next...and someone tells me to pay the hospital a dollar a month and it won't go to collections like they keep threatening while I sort it out.

I visited ***** Hospital's Emergency room on May 5. 2010 because I was coughing up blood. I had been sick for about a week, and was finally convinced by my dad to visit the hospital. My complaints are as follows:

1.The nurse was sick. When I was called to the back waiting room, the only nurse on duty in the area had a hacking cough. She was told by the physician to go home and take care of it, but laughed it off; I was exposed to more germs by staff!

2. I was diagnosed with Strep Throat but was not given a throat swab or any form of a strep test. The doctor simply looked at my throat and told me that I had strep throat. I called the CDC and they confirmed that a strep test of some kind must be administered to diagnose someone with strep throat. 

3. I was in the Emergency room that had hardly anyone in it for eight hours. Most of the waiting was done in the back office for the nurse to give me a shot, and then to sign me out. My dad missed some work because he drove me to the hospital and waited with me. 

4. I didn't get better. This is a fairly big issue, because since the doctor didn't take the proper measures to diagnose me, she may have given me a shot that was incorrect. As a result of not getting better, I passed on my sickness to two of my sisters. 

5. For all of the above reasons I don't believe that I should pay for the disservice done to me on May 5th. I also would like some reassurance that this won't be a common occurence although I plan to never go back to this hospital.

I am worried that if it happened to me it has happened to others, the doctor said that there had been a lot of cases of strep throat in the months prior to me being there. I had to wonder if perhaps she diagnosed those other "strep throat patients" in the same manner as she did me.

I have spoken with a customer service representative at ***** hospital several times, and have voicemails of her saying she received my letter about this problem; I also spoke to the Vice President of the Emergency Room (NAME) twice and have not been able to resolve this issue. If we could resolve this quickly I would be so grateful.


If you have a suggestion I welcome it. I am not giving this up (very stubborn person here,) and even if I don't get the bill dismissed I will get something done.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wiley Wednesday

I decided that since I'm getting so into my blog, I should have a theme for most days. So far I've only come up with two (Tempting Tuesday and Wiley Wednesday,) but that's okay, slow and steady wins the race. For Wiley Wednesday I will be giving you sneak peeks, having guessing games, or getting my midweek sneakiness out so that the rest of the week can go smoothly. I haven't come up with a complete plan actually (sorry, I'm just that way.) For now though, I was to give you a sneak peek my fabrics. Several of these fabrics are going to be made into new items by A WEEK FROM NOW! Isn't that exciting? Well, it is for me :-) Take a look!

Which one is your favorite? What garment would you like to see your favorite fabric made into?

Elisabeth Arona

Photographs taken by Taylor J.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tempting Tuesday: Wishlist

Money doesn't buy happiness...It's sad, because there are a few things, that I think would make me happier! I'm starting what I will call "Tempting Tuesday". Each post will be different, and yet I'll try to have something that tempts you, it will definitely always be something that tempts me. 
Now, while I fully believe in not having some things being good for you -if you had everything, what would you wish for?- I also think it's nice to think of one day having those things you don't have now. Here are a few things I would buy if I ever became filthy rich (I know, I would stink as a rich person.)

An ice cream maker!
I love ice cream, and I love old fashioned I would LOVE to get an old-fashioned ice cream maker. Actually, this is me being overly romantic. If I had to choose I'd pick one that had a button where you could turn it yourself, or press a button and let the machine do it. I remember making ice cream a couple of times when I was little. 

A dress form...or two, or three...
Ohhh how I would LOVE a pinnable dress form . I have a dress form that's adjustable, but pins won't go in it so the draping I learned in college is going to waste.

Laptop vinyl decal
No, I don't want lips, I have lips. I want a decal for my laptop, I like this one, but I'd love to just have a set to switch around and personalize my baby with :-) This is what happens when you don't have a pet.

A man no hurry, but eventually a good man would be nice. Sorry, just had to throw in some comic relief.

Card Holder
This is by Lina on etsy. I love her stuff, and really, I just feel like I would be an all-around better person if I had this case :-)

This is not a matter of WANT this is a matter of NEED! I have dropped my poor faithful phone altogether too many times on the unforgiving pavement. Yes, that was a little dramatic, but a little drama was needed to convey this point. 

A vintage dress
Yes, I sew. No, I cannot sew vintage, I can copy vintage, but it wouldn't be the same. I think this style would look great on me! I have a definite pear shape body, and this would just work! after going through my wish list (or at least the beginning of it) I think it's your turn. Feel free to leave a link to your wishlist in the comments!

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, August 2, 2010

Little angels...

Someone (you know who you are) inspired me to write a post I had been meaning to write for awhile. It won't be so much about writing, but about showing.

 "Mine eye affecteth mine heart...."

First, our own little "angels"--okay lol when you live with these two you'll realize that's stretching it a bit.
Monnie and Nece. Now 11 & 8 years of age. Have been living with us for seven years. A past of abuse and neglect, and they don't even know what a past is.

There is a family in our church that takes in foster children. I have been telling them for the longest time I was going to make an album of all the pictures of the little children that have come through. Take a look:

Came to live with them at 6 mos, went back to live with family at a year old, and was back and forth a lot for free babysitting (you really do fall in love with children that stay with you so long.) Now? She just turned seven and has been living with her mom full time for quite some time.

Giovanni. Age 2
His parents were arrested and he had to go somewhere. He was with them for about a couple months; when his mom was released and didn't want him, it's anyone's guess what foster home he went to next.

Sean was three months old when he went to live with them. I don't know what age he was here, but he went to go live with his grandmother somewhere around a year later.

Oh I love Trent. He left at around a year old and was only a 3 days when he came to stay with them.

Susan was born to a mother on drugs, who didn't want her, and already had two older brothers adopted by other people. She was a month old when she came to live with the Smiths because of a skull fracture, and was smaller than a newborn because she was so premature. She left at around 8 months old because the state wanted her to be with her brothers--although their adoptive parents only wanted the boys.

Samoria and Mya
These two cuties are as silly as they come. They moved into the Smith home when they were only three months old and Samoria (on the left) has since been adopted by them, while Mya's mom has become independent and can care for her. She went home about a year ago. They are both four years old now, with birthdays only a couple days apart. I see Samoria at least a couple times a week and she runs to give me a hug--my little Sunday school student since she was one (and not technically supposed to be allowed in my 4+ class.)
Many children here in the US and worldwide have had bad things happen to them and need permanent homes. These are only a few of the children who have passed from home to home and sometime I met them. No child should have a skull fracture that was inflicted on purpose. No child should spill marbles and go cower in the corner for fear she will be hit. No child should have a leg broken in three different places by his mom's angry boyfriend. No child should have a burn running from the top of his arm to the bottom. No child should scream all night long at only a few days old because it still has drugs in it's system that it's craving. I am incredibly blessed to have two loving parents, and I am also blessed to have met so many little angels.

Malachi 6 mos
Currently in foster care living with the Smiths.

Elisabeth Arona