Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Patrick Burris-everyone's favorite.

This is my friend Patrick. I took this picture sometime near the beginning of this year right before he got sick. He immediately asked to have the picture when he saw it because it's the only one with him AND his two best buddies Dexter and Divo (aka those dogs I teasingly called "Rats on steroids") in it.

On December 7th, 2011 Patrick passed from this life after a brief battle with cancer and then a brain tumor; he was only 44 years old. We had a love/hate relationship. He was like a big brother, and constantly teased me about everything. I would say that I was just on the defensive because he always came at me first, but I'm sure he would say differently. Patrick once told me that he was surprised I had a good singing voice..."But then, I guess you have to have something good to make up for that face." he added. He always joked that he was everyone's favorite, and I was no ones but his.

He was known for his positive attitude, and when he was diagnosed he emailed me and told me that he was going to beat it. When he died, the doctors said the cancer in his stomach was that time he had lost too much weight and was too weak for surgery for the brain tumor. During our serious conversations he always reminded me that out of everything negative, there is a positive, and through his sickness he posted on his facebook page the things that he was thankful for. He is a shining example for those of us who take things for granted on a daily basis.
We gave him a surprise birthday party in March (my birthday was about a week after) and he said it's the only time anyone was able to surprise him. I had to laugh because I "canceled" on him at the last minute after he invited me to his birthday dinner. 
I will miss him terribly. I can no longer get online and have facebook battles with him that alarm everyone who doesn't know we're joking. My consolation comes in knowing that he accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior and was sure of his eternal destination being heaven. 

I love you Patrick. You can be everyone's favorite in heaven...

until I get there lol.

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hoodie hoodie hoodie...and scarf.

I've been extra busy lately. For once, something is selling somewhat consistently. I'm enjoying it while I can (I'm sure you understand lol.)

This black and white scarf is my first men's scarf and was a custom request. After I made and posted the first one on my facebook fanpage another guy saw it and asked the price then purchased one himself right then!  He has promised to take pictures in it, and since he's a graphic designer, I'm sure they'll be awesome!

Knowing how much I love love hoodies, I'm sure this next picture doesn't come as a surprise to you. This hoodie scarf is an idea I came up with last year, but didn't think anyone would be interested in. I made the hood pattern last winter too, and was actually excited to put it to good use. It turned out pretty well I thought. As a fashion designer I do realize that I wasn't matching, and since it was the middle of the night I hope you will excuse me :-)

Ah well, I am done shirking work keeping you informed and need to get back to sewing! 

BTW...come back later in the week for pictures of my little elves working on scarf fraying. 

Elisabeth Arona

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cute winter accessory.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am right now! A couple of my favorite people in the world suggested I make scarves...I stubbornly said no, and then realized what a brat I was being and agreed to it. Ironically, once I stopped and thought about it, these were the same scarves I was saying I would get around to making LAST YEAR. 

Well...victory is sweet! I started making them last night, and had two sales right away! I now also have five orders pending! I'm beyond excited. 

I took a break from making them last night to take pictures and when I walked past my little sister's room she giggled. "What are you doing awake?" I sternly demanded. "Well," she replied "we aren't sleepy, we're hyper." I had her take some pictures of me for that. I didn't like any of them, but I can post a few here for laughs. 

If you'd like to order one, feel free to visit my shop or send me an email! 

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, November 28, 2011

Apology for neglect

Oh my lonely lonely blog. I apologize for the neglect. I am working on my part 2 of the natural hair series. It's been so delayed because I'm a somewhat of an overachiever mixed in with a bit of lazy bum; basically I wanted to add in some pictures of me when I was younger (with the style my mom always had my hair in) and I haven't gotten down to the basement to find any to scan on! 

Also stay tuned for the latest and great of the Etsy shop highlights! You definitely need more really cool stuff to make your handmade Christmas just perfect! 

In other news, my Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely fabulous (thanks for asking--or wondering), and I hope yours was too. I'm having withdrawal symptoms now that I'm back home and have to get back to life as I know it. I'm allowing myself only a tiny pout. While I have you here, please check out my latest listing which is an illustration that I did awhile back, but thoroughly enjoyed. Someone suggested that I list it, and I can honestly say it didn't cross my mind before that. A little dense sometimes? Maybe. Your feedback is-as always-appreciated and even possibly expected. IF YOU WOULD, please click on the picture so it can take you to the actual listing and you can see the original scarf that is in the sketch. 

Elisabeth Arona 

Friday, November 4, 2011

But darling, what about the children?

While I've been doing holiday etsy shop features on my blog, I've completely forgotten about the children! Here I'm highlighting shops with adorable kids items that may have just what you're looking for. I love that handmade always means you have something unique. 

1. Felicia is the owner/top boss/ceo of this lovely shop dubbed "eversewsweet". Her items are just adorable...In case you haven't noticed, the Holidays are a lot about food for me--right after family and friends lol. If little miss sous chef is going to make some cookies, she'll need an apron; this is the shop you can find them at! 

2. Shannon is the owner of Baruch's lullaby. She has four kids and is adopting two more from Bulgaria. It's an exciting journey for her and her family, and one that I'm happy to have a part in by participating in fundraisers. When you buy from Shannon, you are also helping raise money for her to bring her children home. BTW, check out those adorable models--all her children :-)

3. Nowcreations. I don't personally know this seller, but I badly want a pull-toy on wheels for my wonderful niece who is a year old; I found this when I was searching around.

4. The Hickory Tree is a shop that I have never been to before either...but I ADORE buttons and wooden toys obviously. This shop is perfect for finding something for a little adventurer, and if you have an outdoorsy boy around you're sure to find something he'll love too-from compasses to whistles (my personal fav.)

Hope you enjoyed this etsy shop highlight for kids!
Until Next Time,
Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going natural: the dark story behind it

My hair has been natural for two years. While I may play it down (it really doesn't seem like a huge deal sometimes,) let me give you the low-down, nitty gritty, bare bones story.

Imagine that everywhere you look the definition of beautiful hair is hair that you can never "naturally" have; you're taught that it is supposed to be your "crowning glory" but you feel like it's more of a "dunce cap." The girls on movies (i.e. princess diaries) always have straight shiny hair if they're popular, while curly hair seems to secure them a spot in the unpopular weird crowd. Every day with your hair is a battle again all natural elements: rain, humidity, and even too much touching. Although people say your hair is pretty, you have noticed that these comments are directly related to when your hair is straight. Your hair is not even normally called curly, it's kinky. It's tangly. It's impossible to comb. It's short. It's not shiny. It breaks off easily. Welcome to my world: you are black.
Relaxed and flat-ironed
Don't get me wrong...I could do the straight long hair. The hair that (mostly black) people touched and asked how I grew it (to which I shrugged and said "Ummmm I just don't do anything to it.) I did it by relaxing it. After I washed it though, it would curl up. I couldn't figure it out! Why was my hair not like my sisters where all you do is just blow dry it and then it's fine? After not feeling like going through the trouble I started letting it air-dry. Mostly in the summer. It was a big, half-curly, half straight, hot mess. I loved it. I felt free. It bounced, it had attitude, it angered and frustrated me, and at the same time was TOTALLY ME! 
I hated getting relaxers and only had them done about every 3 months because they burned my head sometimes, they made my hair stiff and weird, and they never straightened certain parts of my hair...

In August of 2009 I decided that I'd had enough and that I was sick to death of relaxers. The beginning of the end. If I had time I would go on to tell you the rest of the story, the one behind the "Oh I'm a black girl going natural"! {The comments from family and friends (good and bad), the hair disasters, the styles that worked, and the frame of mind that it produced.} I just don't have time. You'll have to wait for part two, if it ever comes.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sign me a song

Last week I started actively learning sign language. Because I thought it was cool, I'm also teaching my Sunday School class how to sign the song Give Thanks. So far they're catching on really quickly. I just hope that I'm teaching them the correct signs. I'll try to post pictures of them signing by Friday.
I checked out the book 1,000 Words To Sign from the library, and it's SUPER awesome. 
In sideline news, I will be posting about something new I made in the kitchen this week so stay tuned! I'm working hard to coupon and budget and all's quite difficult for me.

I also figured that I don't say this nearly often enough, but I appreciate all of my blog followers...and to those who leave the occasional comment here is my silly lil gratitude:

Don't you love my brain-piercing bright background?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn and rotting fruit

Don't you LOVE Fall? I DO!

The title was supposed to get your attention, but it's also really part of my post today--and it's all good!
My dad is a very ingenuitive person (okay spell check is saying that ingenuitive is not a word)  imaginative person. Some ideas he comes up with are just too ambitious, but this one is doable and has been fun for all of us. He decided to go to the little fruit and veggie store down the street and ask them for their food that can't be sold because it's going bad. You see, people don't want the ugly black speckled bananas even though they often talk about world hunger etc., they also don't want apples that have lil brown soft marks, so now we get them for free!
When dad first brought them home I was like "Oh no he didn't!" but mom and the girls were elbow deep in boxes of apples and just started out by boiling some, juicing some, making some into applesauce, and even cutting out the bad parts and eating some. Then there were the bananas, they look horrible on the outside, and are a little too softish on the inside to eat (even if I liked bananas which I don't.) I immediately began asking around for a banana bread recipe as well as recipes for applesauce muffins and cookies. Here are some pictures of the fruits of our labor.
These are perfect for all year round, but Fall just seems like the time of year that we should bake!
Apple Cobbler with the crumble crust that we did on top. It was delish

Applesauce muffins which were quite delish. I sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top as an extra blessing.

What is your "Fall" thing? For recipes to any of this just ask :-) I may do a post later in the week just for that. 

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cut! Cook! Decorate!

Did I promise you more shop highlights for Christmas? Well here we are; the best of the best. This week we are going to look at some shops with great little things for preparing your holiday meals and decorating your home for the hordes of people that will come traipsing in!

1. Berkshire bowls I was very impressed by this shop. I love wood, and the picture of the bowl with the wood shavings (go look) just drew me in. Also in this shop are some great little puzzles to keep people occupied between eating :-)

2. Show off designs. This shop has beautiful cutting boards as well as lovely shelves. I'm talking about real conversation pieces here...

4. Good Neighbor Candle Co. Admit it, you want your house to smell great just as much as anyone else. You're afraid that people will come in and smell that thing you burnt. I cannot express how amazing this woman's candle skills are. Every scent you have ever imagined! Go ahead, take a peek!

Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, October 22, 2011

...and the winner is...

Hi! I know you have all been waiting to see who would win the apron! Well, head on over to Faith's blog (here) and see who won!

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy stocking stuffer shops highlight

It's that time of year...the rush to buy Christmas gifts ahead of time (meaning before the rush.) Are we really getting in ahead of the crowd? Absolutely not, but it's nice to think so anyway. The popularity of handmade items has grown and grown-it's a handmade revolution!

Should you buy as many handmade items as possible? YESYESYES! I've made up a small list of shops that carry wonderful stocking stuffers that are also great shops for buying those things that will make you look beautiful for the rest of this year and beyond!

Shop #1/Mummumscrafts:
This is Lucy's shop. She recently reopened after maternity leave. You should see her baby--soo chubby and adorable! Anyway, she makes some absolutely fab stuff, I've only tried her chapstick/lipbalm. It's awesome, and she's even agreed to make some of it sweetened for me since I can't smell how wonderful the scents are with this darn anosmia!

Shop #2/lusciouslathers:
This is Diane's shop. She is being the wife that you read about in books while her husband deals with some medical problems right now, and she still manages to keep her shop open. I wrote a post about her AHA toner in one of my posts right after I bought it; at that time I hadn't tried it, but I can honestly say that it is working. My hyperpigmentation on my face has been noticeably lightening and disappearing. Side note: make sure that you use sunscreen with it as it makes your skin sensitive to the sun. Along with that she has some lovely creams and lather-y bubbly stuff, and even a few items for your pets and male loved ones.

Ahhh, and I did say this stuff will improve your appearance as well as be great stocking stuffers, right? Well here we are...
Shop #3/heavenlyknitchet
I have not personally bought any of her items, but she has some really cute inexpensive earrings and to be honest it's really the hats that grabbed my attention. I just saw one of those hats today when Heavenly (yup the owner's name is Heavenly) posted in the team thread and I know that I will be looking her up as soon as I have some money!

Shop #4/TJlundinco
I haven't bought from this shop either, but Tiffany aka TJ is a frequent poster on my Etsy team thread and she shows off her new listings often as well. She has an array of colorful unique hair accessories and some jewelry too.

Here you are with four shops to choose from...If you didn't find what you're looking for, don't worry, I'll continue these posts for awhile at least once a week. I have so many wonderful shops and artists to show you! Aren't you excited?

Elisabeth Arona

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Etsy Artist Feature and GIVEAWAY!

Today I would like to welcome my very first fellow etsy artist feature! I'm so excited! Faith of StitchPrincess was kind enough to answer some question I had for her and at the end you will find the instructions to enter the giveaway to win her super cute fall leaves apron! 

How long have you been sewing? Can you tell us the story behind you learning to sew? I've been sewing for 17 years! When I was four years old, my crafty grandmother taught me to hand sew. I loved making clothes for my Barbies! When I was ten, I took my first sewing class and learned how to use the machine--and I basically taught myself from there.

What is your favorite item to make, and why? I absolutely love making dresses! There is something so satisfying about making a beautiful object, especially one that will make a woman/girl feel like a princess. Skirts are a close second. Then purses, aprons--easier stuff--are what I prefer more than more complicated things.
Who and/or what inspires you the most every day? I am very inspired by fabric and dresses.
When I see fabric, I imagine what I can make of it--scraps turn into purses, cute prints turn into sundresses or aprons, glossy fabrics turn into formal dresses. When I see designer dresses (in bridal catalogs or on tv shows, especially), I think about how I would tweak the design or I pull parts of dresses together in my mind.
What would we find you doing when you're not sewing? When I'm not sewing, I'm cutting fabric (does that count as sewing?), cooking, or playing games with my husband (we were married in May!). When I need to keep my hands busy, I knit.

Is there anything new we should look out for in your shop? I'll be turning out some new aprons and purses soon. Also, I have some awesome "happy birthday" fabric that I might make into table runners or something. In the spring, I'll list some simple bridal veils I'm working on.
What crafty thing do you not know how to do that you've always or even recently wanted to learn? I want to master every craft, but that's probably not possible! Jewelry would be fun to do, but I'm not so good with little details.
Thanks Faith for agreeing to be featured! I'm sure everyone is excited about this giveaway.
...Now for the details on how to enter:
First of all, please don't forget to put your email address with each entry so we can get in contact with you if you win!
Follow my blog or Faith's blog here
Extra Entries (each count for one entry and should be each posted in separate comments):
1. Visit Faith's shop and come back here and leave a comment with your favorite item.
2. Like Faith's facebook fanpage
3. Tweet (using #GiveawaybyFaith) with a link to this blog and let us know
4. Blog about the giveaway and come back and post the link

Good luck everyone!
Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, October 15, 2011

(Sorta) Silent Saturday

Newest listing on Etsy for me!

Expect something person special here on my blog on Monday along with a giveaway! Also grab my blog button if you like reading my blog--it took some brain cells for me to make it so I'd totally appreciate it.

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love the word solopreneur. I'm not sure if the other day was the first time I'd ever heard the word, or if it was just the first time it had really hit me. Maybe it has something to do with me noticing that there are a buncha mompreneur blog sites and stuff, but there are no single-girl-preneur blog sites! I only bring this up because I am "at" a twitter webinar about being a solopreneur and it's making me feel special *silly giggle*.

I know I keep reminding you that I said I was gonna keep you posted (business thingy) but it's only because I don't want you to feel like I am just showing off all my new stuff for no reason even though I kinda am. Last night I was up late and just was so excited because I bought a craft knife to cut pages out of a vintage dictionary during the day and had been cooking so no time to use it! BUT I used it:
I took these pictures with my phone because my lame batteries for my camera are outta power. Boo!

By the way, in case you were wondering what I cooked/was eating the reason I didn't have time to craft here it is below:
Fried rice, stir-fry veggies, wontons with cream cheese and spinach inside, and coconut chicken drummettes :-)

Elisabeth Arona

What keeps you from working?

What is your latest/greatest creation? 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Onit, bachelor chair, dream come true?

Yesterday I went to a huge yard sale that I go to twice a year. I was waiting outside (it's indoor) for it to open at nine and just hoping for some treasures. My main goal was to buy some vintage books that I could use for illustrations...but I also found something that I wasn't actively looking for (but had mused about needing).

Before I get to that I want to tell you that old dictionaries are funny. The descriptions are super long and my mom nearly passed out laughing about an explanation for the word euphemism that somehow included the term "breaking wind". Any of you other young people know about that? Yeah it means passing gas lol. My mom said between gasps "I haven't heard that in the longest time, I gotta call my sister and ask her about the last time she heard it." Okay mom, whatever suits you!

Anyway, this is my main treasure from the sale the other day:
See it's like an ironing board and step stool--best known as the "onit" or "bachelor chair"-Thanks for that info Monika! You can find out more about it on youtube and on the web. It's the perfect addition to my bedroom/sewing room because it's great for sitting, ironing, and stepping on; basically you can do everything on it! 

Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Progress you say?

Ahhh yes, I have been all business. Here is a little of what I've been up to this week.

Julia's shirt.

  • 1. Just started couponing and spent all Monday cutting out coupons and checking out the krazy coupon lady website for deals and came in under budget for our weekly groceries! WOOT!
  • 2. Made one of the shirts-that I designed-for Julia/jeweleighab and will be sending it out tomorrow hopefully.
  • 3. Am halfway through with another dancer illustration.
  • 4. Cooked a different meal (bleu cheese chicken) and was successful.
  • 5. Gave my little sister her first sewing lesson.
As you can see, I'm really feeling something special about how this week has gone :-) Now time to get more accomplished!

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quick update...

Did I not tell you that I would keep you posted on how this whole starting a business thing is going every step of the way? Well, here is my latest step:
I made a pattern and made this shirt from it. Pattern making is not my favorite thing, because it doesn't necessarily come naturally to me; however, I was told by a friend that only dying comes naturally. Not so sure about that one...

What do you think? I will obviously have to take more (and better) pictures, but right now I'm not at the place where I can buy a lot of fabric and make it in a buncha different shirts, but soon I'll probably have them in S, M, L and you'll find them at my super-convenient etsy shop of course! As for progress, I'm in the middle of making one shirt for one lady, and two shirts for another. AGH excitement!

Elisabeth Arona

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage plaid 50s storyboard

Do you just love vintage? 
I got on polyvore and made a lovely vintage-y collection that you will die to wear...or at least I am.

Lovely dress and shoes at
I found the sweater and purse at

vintage plaid 50s
I can imagine wearing this to go out for lunch
going with my significant other (if such a creature existed) on a picnic.

Do you love it too?
Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday?

Everyone has wordless Wednesdays, but I'm afraid anything I say will not do the pictures justice :-)

My niece turned one this month + she has dogs=precious

Elisabeth Arona

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love the way you hold me

Although I didn't get to stay and say hi to Jamie Grace, I did get a really close-up where I called "hey smile" and she obliged. Such a sweetie.
At the beginning of this week (actually the same day I arrived home from Virginia) I was able to attend the album release party for Jamie Grace's first cd. I took some pictures and videos that I hope you'll enjoy. Bear in mind that this video took forever to upload and that it was my sister's camera and someone should have told me that every time you zoom in or out it cuts off the sound. Oops.

The name of this song is 1945. Cute to death. It's the only video that was fairly clear because it had no bass.

Mine and a couple friends showing off our wristbands at the album release party (mine is in the middle.)

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meeting up with Etsy friends

Cinder the dog and I

This past week I went to Virginia and told all of my etsy/Christian Arist Street Team members that I was going to be in the DC area. Those who knew more about the area than me, knew that Bowie, Maryland was "right around the corner". Forty-five minutes isn't really that close, but in the greater scheme of things it is.

Fun Fact: D.C. is approximately 10 hours from where I live in GA. 

In actuality I was going to Virginia to visit a friend with a friend of mine (Tanee) from Thursday through Sunday. Everything was busy all the time, but I was only going to have free time on Saturday evening luckily.

I was so happy to hear that Angel of BamCraftyMommas would be close enough for me to see! The friend I rode to VA with wanted something fun to do and invited herself along and I needed a driver and agreed! After forty-five minutes of non-stop talking and a few mistaken exits, we made it to Angel's parent's house. I checked the mirror--yup, I still looked the same, then I called to say I'd arrived. I think I was too shy to go up to the door and knock.

Bammy/Angel came bounding out of the house and we did one of those slow motion running into each other's arms things...not really, but we did hug and squeal like we had known each other for a good 10 years (half of my lifetime.)

Let me use just a moment and insert that I actually did take a quick break to go look on youtube for an appropriate running into each other's arms video but couldn't find one...oh well.

I'd been at Angel's house and met her adorable daughters, as well as her parents, awesome husband, and other miscellaneous family members for about 2 hours maybe, when there was a knock at the door. She jumps up and goes "I'll get it!" I was like, "Wow, she must not have seen that family member for awhile!" She opened the door all dramatic and says "Well hello my special friend, it's so nice to see you!" I'm sitting calmly watching until I recognize my other etsy friend Sheila (of sewfaithful on etsy) that I email like at least several times a week...
..........................................................................I would like to say that being the mature person I am, I stood gracefully and walked over and said hi. 

But I can't. 
I jumped up screaming and ran and almost squeezed the life out of her. Hey, I was living in the moment! Like a few teenagers, we took a picture and posted it to twitter right away (Click here to view).

Then we talked and talked and talked. There is nothing like meeting someone(s) you already have connected with online, and finding that they really are truly as special in person as they are in cyberspace.

Here is the first picture. I love it because we're all laughing and looking a lil crazy (check out my eyes lol)
Bammy's question: "Do I look like a dork?" Why yes you do, so do we all lol.

This picture is the best one of us all--we jokingly called these double oreo pics, but really it has to be one of those like sand-colored double oreos 
Left to right: Tanee, Sheila, Bammy/Angel, and me. 

And here I am again with Cinder the dog, who I joked loved me because someone else black was in the house and she felt less outta place:

Have you met up with a cyber friend? I would love to read about it. Post a comment with a link and I'll check it out.

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working Wednesday

My left hand is really hurting (I'm left-handed) because I've been really working it with drawing so much, typing, playing angry birds, and even a bit of serging and sewing thrown into the mix. I've been generally busy for the whole two days of this week, and I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

I don't know if everyone remembers my last post about a shelf and cabinet that was specially custom-made for me. No? Well, it's pretty awesome. I've filled it with fabric and I know a few people asked me if they could see it. Well I took a picture. I also want to show off my latest illustrations and get opinions on them. I mean honest opinions.

Sitting in front of it is my serger and now that I'm looking at it maybe I should stack the fabric in a more interesting -or neat-way.

Here is my illustration...I have another one that I recently did that you can see here

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, September 12, 2011

Make it Monday--picture frame earring holder

Since I got my ears pierced in March, I haven't had anywhere to put the few earrings I have. I've lost a few, and the rest I've kept in a cup on my dresser. Today I decided to make an earring holder out of a picture frame, I'd heard that it was fairly simple to do so I went looking for some screen. Turns out, it's simple to do if you can find screen hanging around somewhere! Sometimes you just have to use a little ingenuity.

Here are the things you will need...screen or lace (I used pink lace I found in my fabric supply), a picture frame, scissors, earrings, glue gun, and sustenance aka cereal to eat while the glue gun heats up. 

Using a sharpie I marked out exactly the size I needed the lace to be to glue it in place

Then glued one side in at a time...


I think it looks pretty good...but it won't stand up by itself :-(
Soooo find a sturdy piece of cardboard-in this case I used the piece I'd taken out of the back of the frame itself-and squeeze out hot glue onto it in a nice line...

Press that sucker onto it nice and firm...

And there you are with the finished product. 

In retrospect I think a sturdier fabric (think cross stitch fabric stuff, or screen, or lace that isn't stretch) would have been a better option. I may start carrying these in my new etsy shop.

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in making?

Elisabeth Arona