Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goals for the year

Over the new year, I got carried away in the resolving that was going on and went so far as making a couple myself. I like to think of them as goals that need to be made into habits that will last years...not just this year. My first is to read my bible every day. So far this one has been difficult because I usually forget, or don't get around to it until evening, but I still manage to find something that makes me happy that I didn't neglect to do it. One night I was so discouraged and while lying in bed in the dark I realized that I hadn't read my chapter for the day. So with a little muttering and groaning I grabbed up my bible and flipped it open. It fell open at a chapter in Psalms that spoke of praising God even when things aren't going good...and David named off a few things he had gone through and ended basically saying that God had brought him through anyway :-) Love it.
My second goal is to create something every week. This one isn't hard, but I also must photograph it. So far I have met this goal, but it's hard especially since the twins are back this week. At the moment they are fussing for absolutely no reason (they've been changed, aren't hungry, and seem to just want entertainment. Anyway, just thought I'd share those goals along with the picture of the first completed project.

Onna in the leggings I made her.


  1. Those are good goals, Lizzi! Be blessed as you persevere!

  2. Excellent goals and very realistic!

    Love the leggings!


  3. Great goals, I pray that you can keep doing them...

  4. Reading the Bible every day is a good goal to have. Over the past few months, I got so busy working for the church that I failed to take time to be still and be with God. I told myself that it was okay because I was doing His work, but I wore myself out. Last week I started listening to my new audio Bible for several hours a day while I cut fabric and sew. Now I feel absolutely refreshed and realize that I need that resting time with God.


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