Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreams and dreamers.

As I was watching a really cool cooking show (Chopped) tonight, I had a brief dreamy moment where I said to day...
I know you have had one of those moments too. It's a moment when you set aside all the reasons that you can't, or won't be able to do something and you just dream about what "will" happen "one day". I believe that these child-like moments are good for us; they give you a moment of complete satisfaction with yourself. Of course this is all in my opinion, though I would definitely argue it with you like it is scripture. Would you like to hear my dream?
I went to school for fashion design. I rarely have time TO design, but when I'm doing it, I get in the moment and LOVE it. I love to cook. Over the last year, I have pretty much taken over the cooking in my house. My mom saw that I liked it, and gave it over to me without giving me much of a choice actually :-) I don't always enjoy it, because between all the other things I have to do in a day, sometimes I don't have time for any really inspired cooking...other times though? Well, I hit home-runs, and although I still get a lil squeamish when I have to skin chicken, and refuse to clean fish, I definitely have my moments. How do these two things fit in together?
Wellllll, with a clothing store restaurant of course! It would be more like a little cafe though, and after you eat, you could walk through to the clothing store part. The clothes would have food names (not like fried chicken, but like chocolate mousse lol and cream cheese icing.) On the walls would be fashion illustrations (which I love) and each one would feature an outfit inspired by a food. All of this may sound silly to some, but to me, it sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Who said that my dream had to make sense to everyone else?

What's your dream?

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Go for it! Stranger things have become great success stories.

  2. What a wonderful dream, Elizzy! I will pray that it will come true for you!

    My dream at this point in life is for my daughters and my grandsons - that they will all be happy and know the Lord in their hearts.


  3. This is awesome!! You keep dreaming and praying...there is no reason you can't do this!!

  4. Just writing down your dream here is the first step to realizing it. If not this exact concept, it could be a start to something else. Whatever it is with your creativity anything is possible.
    I have always had a dream of having my own store too.

  5. ELizzy, dream on...that sound very Yummy to me and I would make a trip to GA to come and visit your lil faschion cafe...

  6. I really like it! The kids and I have had a dream for some time of opening a Coffee/bakery shop-- a knock off starbucks but with cheaper prices and more variety. I like your idea even better!

  7. That's a fun dream! Go for it!

  8. Lizzi, your dream is quite novel. It definitely sounds like a shop I'd love to dine in, then browse. Some restaurants have huge gift shops attached. There's always lots of activity. There's a tea room/restaurant where I live. It's in a repurposed house. One of the rooms is an actual shop, but all the decor items in the restaurant rooms are for sale. I love your idea. I picture it sort of a garden-ish looking place, with outdoor eating and the clothing displayed artfully on walls, even in the bathrooms (perhaps on a coat-rack). I know I'm going off here and my imagination is going wild. BTW: my favorite food network show is chopped. I'm on the edge of my seat. It's on tonight.

  9. Lizzi what a creative idea! It reminds me of the new Kathy Bates t.v. show, where she sales fancy shoes and is a defense lawyer.


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