Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life bogged me down again :-)

I have been ridiculously busy lately. In the past month my charger for my laptop broke (oh horror!), as well as my phone, and I have been babysitting twins 5 days a week. I also have been battling carpet beetles in my bedroom/workroom and finally finished at the beginning of this week. I bought a new charger for my computer which began to melt (huh??) and an android phone which I've fallen in love with...and Wednesday I bought some rechargeable batteries for my camera which means you guys will be seeing many more pictures soon.

Sooo, unfortunately I don't have much more to say than that...but I am looking forward to more time spent reading blogs I follow, and comments on posts I've made.

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  1. I'm glad to see you're still alive! Ha! I couldn't take the baby sitting, I was getting crazy busy lol I hope to hear more from you soon!



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