Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday fun-piercing drama

Hey...some of you asked for pictures of me getting my ears pierced, soooo here I got a little friend of mine to do a video clip on my phone (hence the lack of really clear picture.) This is only the beginning because tomorrow is my birthday DINNER! Although I didn't so much like the number 23 (it's not as mature sounding as 24, but it's not as cute as 22 hmmmm...) I really have enjoyed it so far.


The pre-piercing drama :-) Starring Elisabeth, Tanee, and little Onna (briefly)


And here we have the real deal...

And picture time with the earring technician (or whatever lol)

We took this one and her mouth was closed...soooooo

We took this one and her eyes were closed...but ironically we didn't know. Just imagine her eyes open lol

Have a happy Elisabeth Arona day!


  1. Eeeeeeeeek! You are sooooo adorable!

    Happy 23rd Birthday - Elizzy!


  2. Fun! I got my ears pierced when I was 12 or 13, was with my sister and we got them done at a hair salon our old neighbor owned/ran. I got my left ear double pierced (it was the tail end of the 80s actually 92 to be exact, shush!) when I was 19 and and the only thing I regret about it was the placement. She asked if I wore heavy earrings and offered to put the hole higher to compensate. I got it done solo and stupid me didn't think to have her pierce it where they normally would. So it still looks odd if I have the right earrings in, because it looks like something is missing/fell out of the right one. *sigh*

    I hardly wear anything in that hole anymore and it still hasn't closed up. If I ever did/does I might redo it, only in a better position.

  3. Lol thank you Suki. You're so silly :-)

    Amy, the lady said to take it out within the next six weeks, and I know from my sisters that it's true. Take it out within the next 24 hours and they'll redo them if I want them higher or lower.

  4. hahahha too cute.. love the post.. Happy bday again!!

    luv ya

  5. You girls just are beautimus...and having fun. Enjoyed looking at cha girl....
    ELizzy, my being born after WWII, shortly after it ended, we did not have all these conveniences...on me they used a potatoe behind the ear lobe and a hot sewing needle going in in front....I think I was 3 years old.
    So glad you have fun doing this and sooooooooooo easy.
    Love ya, Monika

  6. Look like you had a ton of fun! Happy Birthday again to you!

  7. you can get anything at Walmart, ears pierced, file income tax, pedicure, checks cashed, eyeglasses, groceries, clothing, jewelry, TV............................

    Pierced ears are lotsa fun.........Enjoy, Lizzi

  8. Lol @ the way you said married in the first video. And good job Onna!



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