Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

On Saturday I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial with a couple of my friends. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, you should go. I'm not saying this just to say it, it's something that I think anyone would learn from. Some of my family members (as my grandmother is wont to remind me) were actually historical "first black" people to do things (check out Mary Ann Shadd Carey my super great aunt,) so I've read about a lot of this historical type thing, but oh my oh my...The depth of human suffering will never be truly felt by those of us who will never ever truly know racism as it was back then, but this comes pretty close. In the first picture below Steph (my friend) and I posed by the wagon that carried Martin Luther Kings body to it's final resting place. Ironically, people assumed that his death would be the end of his movement; it was only the beginning. 

Check out the tidbits below: 

Thank God we have come so far :-)

Btw, pictures (and video clips perhaps) of my new inline skates coming soon. Woot!

Elisabeth Arona


  1. I am old enough to remember those days. Although I lived in NYC and things were much better there, the issues were all over the newspapers. Not saying that things were perfect in NYC either. I was brought up by a very NON prejudice family on my Mom's side. I was not very close to my father's side of the family so their opinions never rubbed off, Thank you Lord. My father was prejudice, among other things. He is gone now and I have forgiven him.
    I will tell you this - when I was 17, I was dating an older Black man. When my father eventually found out he almost killed me literally with a butcher knife. I had to run away.
    I had 2 best friends in HS - Linda and Billy - both Black. I was beaten for that also.
    I was always more attracted to Black or Spanish men but married a guy with Swedish-German and English heritage to satisfy my father, partially. LOOOOOOONG story short-I did love him but after the divorce my next long term boyfriend was Puerto Rican. Orlando and I are still best friends.
    Anyway, I am grateful to MLK and that our country has finally recognized him for the greatness he is.


  2. Lizzy - wonderful blog post and helps us understand the history of our country.


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