Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New 'do...a birthday...WOO!!

So I have a list of things I want for my birthday...but so far I've gotten so much cool stuff that I've gotten rid of my list (unless you wanna buy me francesca battistelli's new cd this is the stuff, or some wrist guards.) ANYWAY, I got highlights for the first time...they're basically a brown...I...like...it! :-) Tell me what you think!

The week after my birthday I'm going to put up pictures of a lotta "stuffs" I got, so those of you who thought you were operating on the basis of anonymity, forGET it! lol I'm sure someone will recognize your handiwork (seriously though, email me if you don't want your stuff/name out there.)
Sooo...my new 'do...*drumroll*

Elisabeth Arona


  1. I knew it!! LOL

    Seriously, I LOVE it!!

    I didn't make what I sent ya so there! LOL
    I don't care if you mention me, everyone knows I love you.


  2. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve the new DO....it looks quite nice ELizzy.....
    You look so cute!!!!!!

  3. Your hair looks awesome!!!!!

  4. Your new 'do' looks great Lizzie!

  5. Lizzi, you know i love your new "do". it looks scrumptious on you! i do think birthdays are something to get all excited about. i also think they should be celebrated for much longer that 1 day, like maybe a week or two. on one of my birthdays, i played hookey from work and watched one movie after another on AMC.
    I don't mind if you expose the gift i sent you.

  6. Luv! your hair! You look great! Have a very happy birthday!

  7. Thanks JC, Rita, Zuda, Suki, Monika, Tricia, Becky, and Amy!

    Suki, yeahyeahyeah you knew ;-)

    Rita, I LOVE celebrating my birthday and your gift will definitely be pictured.

    You guys are awesome btw.


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