Monday, May 16, 2011

Weddings...and makeup?

To be honest, I haven't blogged because I've been afraid someone would remember that I STILL haven't posted those pictures of what I received for my birthday from my Etsy friends...but oh well. I promise I will eventually get around to it, even if it's a full six months before it happens. Today I am blogging to de-stress, because in less than a week (five days to be exact) my sister will be getting married!

I know I know...It's supposed to stress her out, but she's not much of a planning person, so up until about a week ago, she left most of the planning to my mom, our friend, and me! Saturday I bought some Mary Kay for the wedding, and I ended up spending way too much. I'm so low maintenance that it should be illegal! I didn't even realize makeup could be so expensive! I'm scared to death of wearing the foundation, and I'm afraid everyone will look at me strangely once I put on the eyeshadow...and yet I bought it anyway. Can anyone give me so tips for makeup application?

Elisabeth Arona