Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dolls and fabric shelves

Hi there! I'm so happy to be here with you again! These are completely pleasant circumstances too, how blessed are we? I can hardly believe I want to blog after I blogged yesterday, but I am so so excited and can barely contain it. I had a fabric shelf custom made for me, and felt I must show it to you. I will happily link you back to the creator-though whether he would happily make you one or not is not currently known. Let me start by saying that it was made to my exact specifications (I feel so important being able to say that),  and it turned out SO beautifully.
Here is the full-length view. It's beautiful! The shelves are nice and deep and can fit so much more fabric than if I'd bought a bookshelf or some nonsense!
Here is the picture of the shelves inside the cabinet part. Don't you love the ornate little handles he put on! This same man (and his son and grandchildren) makes pens to sell moving on to my other latest and greatest news. While you may be uninterested, indifferent, unappreciative, or any other long word, about me making a big deal of this, I have to!! A friend of mine-Sheila of sewfaithful on etsy named a doll after me! I realize that you really dignified people are like, "And?" I'll answer that short question "And it's awesome, and you're at least a little impressed!" Here she is in all her innocent glory :-)

Click on her picture to see more pictures of her or to buy one just like her...OR one just like you (she does custom work.) 

Whew, I'm worn out after all that chattering on. 

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, June 27, 2011

So I am told...

I am told that if you're having a block, and can't think of anything to write in your blog, write anyway, because the longer you take a break from it all the worse off you'll be. I didn't listen to this advice, and turns out, it was correct.
I don't have much to say, so I will show you two things that I was given or bought lately that I'm super happy about:

My birthday earrings:

Rita, from Sammysgrammy made the earrings I'm wearing in this picture. I love them to death! Check out her shop by clicking the link-or the picture-and maybe you can find something almost as cool :-) 

I have a problem with hyper pigmentation on my face from an acne problem (which I am now diligently working against.) Now that I've found all these cool natural ways to lessen the break-outs, I still needed something that I knew worked for the marks left behind. I asked a friend Diane, from lusciouslathers because I LOVE this chapstick that I bought from her, and she said she had something for me with AHA somethin' or another. I was like "aha!!" (yeah I know, lame) and went straight to her shop to "heart" it, so I could buy it on payday. I really hate drawing extra attention to it, so let me just give you the link.

This stuff is partially organic too! Hallelujah! I would ask if you want before and after pictures, but you can forget WILL see after pictures though :-) 

That's all for today folks...

Elisabeth Arona