Thursday, September 1, 2011

Past and Future (hair)

Today I came across this picture of myself and was in awe of how long my hair was then. I also noticed it was more naturally brown than it is now that I no longer have it relaxed (I have goldish highlights now though.) I am currently growing my hair out, and it takes so much longer than I remembered. I was about 18 in this picture and didn't "do" anything to it, my hair just grew. Now that I've chopped it and am trying the natural thing it's a little more difficult. As of now my hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. I'm excited to see what my hair looks like curly and that length. Woe, we'll see if I can handle that. Here's my hair length now straight:
(After GA humidity)

What's your favorite hair length and style?

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Oh dear- hair causes me so many problems! I usually wear it back in a ponytail, with no product in it at all. My hair can be curly, is definitely frizzy, and takes way too much effort to straighten! Your hair looks nice in both pics. How long does it grow max?

  2. The top picture is about how long I've grown it before cutting I guess maybe that's its favorite length (?)
    When it encounters humidity my hair really can get frizzy and my go-to style is also a ponytail.

  3. You are so pretty, Lizzi. I see the similarity between you and your older sister. Compliment to both of you.

    I just got my hair cut short. I had asked the last person who cut my hair to really shorten it but she was too afraid to. A friend from church who just graduated from Beauty School wasn't afraid to do it and I love it.

  4. Yes, you are soooo pretty!

    My favorite hair length is long. Not for me now but when I was younger. I like it short now but not too short; about 2 inches past my ears.


  5. Becky, thank you! The two of us look the most alike out of all of our sisters. I think it's the reason my niece took to me so quickly-I reminded her of her mommy! You have to find someone that's not afraid to do the big chop. I went to great clips and the lady did a phenomenal job (I told her to just do her thing.)
    Suki, you're so sweet. Short is so much easier sometimes, but I do prefer mine long especially now that I've tried both ways.

  6. My hair is about 4" past the top of my shoulders and naturally straight with quite a bit of body. I prefer longish and I don't really do anything to it but trim it on occasion. I have been doing a no product no shampoo thing for some time now. I use baking soda to wash and diluted cider vinegar to rinse.

  7. You look so pretty in both pics Lizzie. I grew my hair out long and much prefer it to shorter now. Blessings Niki xxx


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