Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday?

Everyone has wordless Wednesdays, but I'm afraid anything I say will not do the pictures justice :-)

My niece turned one this month + she has dogs=precious

Elisabeth Arona


  1. OHHHH! She is positively gorgeous. I want the black dog! My Beauty was a pit-lab mix and she was black with white paws.



  2. Ah, how lovely! How's she like those greenbacks? lol

  3. Sue, that's Reba. She just had puppies and is a purebred boxer. Angel is standing over her cleaning her ear :-)

    Faith, She loved them to death! She just wanted to keep gathering them at first and not play with the toys.

    Thanks Zuda!

  4. She is beautiful, just like her Aunt! She looks so squeezable :)


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