Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage plaid 50s storyboard

Do you just love vintage? 
I got on polyvore and made a lovely vintage-y collection that you will die to wear...or at least I am.

Lovely dress and shoes at
I found the sweater and purse at

vintage plaid 50s
I can imagine wearing this to go out for lunch
going with my significant other (if such a creature existed) on a picnic.

Do you love it too?
Elisabeth Arona


  1. It is great! I love vintage...well, I can remember a lot of it the first time around.

  2. WOW! is officially my favorite website I LOVE it! Thanks for posting...never knew it existed without you!

  3. Lol Zuda, I don't, but I still think it's the greatest thing.

    Ayesha, I'm glad it made your heart sing :-)


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