Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn and rotting fruit

Don't you LOVE Fall? I DO!

The title was supposed to get your attention, but it's also really part of my post today--and it's all good!
My dad is a very ingenuitive person (okay spell check is saying that ingenuitive is not a word)  imaginative person. Some ideas he comes up with are just too ambitious, but this one is doable and has been fun for all of us. He decided to go to the little fruit and veggie store down the street and ask them for their food that can't be sold because it's going bad. You see, people don't want the ugly black speckled bananas even though they often talk about world hunger etc., they also don't want apples that have lil brown soft marks, so now we get them for free!
When dad first brought them home I was like "Oh no he didn't!" but mom and the girls were elbow deep in boxes of apples and just started out by boiling some, juicing some, making some into applesauce, and even cutting out the bad parts and eating some. Then there were the bananas, they look horrible on the outside, and are a little too softish on the inside to eat (even if I liked bananas which I don't.) I immediately began asking around for a banana bread recipe as well as recipes for applesauce muffins and cookies. Here are some pictures of the fruits of our labor.
These are perfect for all year round, but Fall just seems like the time of year that we should bake!
Apple Cobbler with the crumble crust that we did on top. It was delish

Applesauce muffins which were quite delish. I sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top as an extra blessing.

What is your "Fall" thing? For recipes to any of this just ask :-) I may do a post later in the week just for that. 

Elisabeth Arona

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