Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy stocking stuffer shops highlight

It's that time of year...the rush to buy Christmas gifts ahead of time (meaning before the rush.) Are we really getting in ahead of the crowd? Absolutely not, but it's nice to think so anyway. The popularity of handmade items has grown and grown-it's a handmade revolution!

Should you buy as many handmade items as possible? YESYESYES! I've made up a small list of shops that carry wonderful stocking stuffers that are also great shops for buying those things that will make you look beautiful for the rest of this year and beyond!

Shop #1/Mummumscrafts:
This is Lucy's shop. She recently reopened after maternity leave. You should see her baby--soo chubby and adorable! Anyway, she makes some absolutely fab stuff, I've only tried her chapstick/lipbalm. It's awesome, and she's even agreed to make some of it sweetened for me since I can't smell how wonderful the scents are with this darn anosmia!

Shop #2/lusciouslathers:
This is Diane's shop. She is being the wife that you read about in books while her husband deals with some medical problems right now, and she still manages to keep her shop open. I wrote a post about her AHA toner in one of my posts right after I bought it; at that time I hadn't tried it, but I can honestly say that it is working. My hyperpigmentation on my face has been noticeably lightening and disappearing. Side note: make sure that you use sunscreen with it as it makes your skin sensitive to the sun. Along with that she has some lovely creams and lather-y bubbly stuff, and even a few items for your pets and male loved ones.

Ahhh, and I did say this stuff will improve your appearance as well as be great stocking stuffers, right? Well here we are...
Shop #3/heavenlyknitchet
I have not personally bought any of her items, but she has some really cute inexpensive earrings and to be honest it's really the hats that grabbed my attention. I just saw one of those hats today when Heavenly (yup the owner's name is Heavenly) posted in the team thread and I know that I will be looking her up as soon as I have some money!

Shop #4/TJlundinco
I haven't bought from this shop either, but Tiffany aka TJ is a frequent poster on my Etsy team thread and she shows off her new listings often as well. She has an array of colorful unique hair accessories and some jewelry too.

Here you are with four shops to choose from...If you didn't find what you're looking for, don't worry, I'll continue these posts for awhile at least once a week. I have so many wonderful shops and artists to show you! Aren't you excited?

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Etsy is so great for finding gifts huh? Awesome post and thank you for featuring my shop! Made your lib balms today and they came out awesome :D xoxo

  2. Good stocking stuffer ideas, Lizzi!

  3. aww you are so sweet! I'll post this on my blog tonight to share with my friends! :-)

  4. Great Shops - I do use Luscious Lather Callendula Cream and it really works.


  5. Great finds - I need to try some of those cosmetics.


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