Saturday, October 8, 2011

Onit, bachelor chair, dream come true?

Yesterday I went to a huge yard sale that I go to twice a year. I was waiting outside (it's indoor) for it to open at nine and just hoping for some treasures. My main goal was to buy some vintage books that I could use for illustrations...but I also found something that I wasn't actively looking for (but had mused about needing).

Before I get to that I want to tell you that old dictionaries are funny. The descriptions are super long and my mom nearly passed out laughing about an explanation for the word euphemism that somehow included the term "breaking wind". Any of you other young people know about that? Yeah it means passing gas lol. My mom said between gasps "I haven't heard that in the longest time, I gotta call my sister and ask her about the last time she heard it." Okay mom, whatever suits you!

Anyway, this is my main treasure from the sale the other day:
See it's like an ironing board and step stool--best known as the "onit" or "bachelor chair"-Thanks for that info Monika! You can find out more about it on youtube and on the web. It's the perfect addition to my bedroom/sewing room because it's great for sitting, ironing, and stepping on; basically you can do everything on it! 

Elisabeth Arona


  1. And it is just plain cute and super handy!

  2. LOvvee the ironing board....almost wish I beat you there & got it for myself lol....


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