Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love the word solopreneur. I'm not sure if the other day was the first time I'd ever heard the word, or if it was just the first time it had really hit me. Maybe it has something to do with me noticing that there are a buncha mompreneur blog sites and stuff, but there are no single-girl-preneur blog sites! I only bring this up because I am "at" a twitter webinar about being a solopreneur and it's making me feel special *silly giggle*.

I know I keep reminding you that I said I was gonna keep you posted (business thingy) but it's only because I don't want you to feel like I am just showing off all my new stuff for no reason even though I kinda am. Last night I was up late and just was so excited because I bought a craft knife to cut pages out of a vintage dictionary during the day and had been cooking so no time to use it! BUT I used it:
I took these pictures with my phone because my lame batteries for my camera are outta power. Boo!

By the way, in case you were wondering what I cooked/was eating the reason I didn't have time to craft here it is below:
Fried rice, stir-fry veggies, wontons with cream cheese and spinach inside, and coconut chicken drummettes :-)

Elisabeth Arona

What keeps you from working?

What is your latest/greatest creation? 


  1. I am enjoying reading your blog again!

    What keeps me from working is my new netbook computer, I just pop it on my lap and read all the fun blogs...

    As far as the latest and greatest I have made a red blanket that will be for the holidays, and need to work on more red...

    Your meal looked yummy btw, and I love what you did wth the cutouts in the dictionary, very nice

  2. Sweetybird I'm right there with you lol. Once I get started reading blogs I go nowhere.

    RED! I think sometimes we shy away from bright colors and not even on purpose. I definitely need to start creating things with them.

  3. what lady of talent you are Lizzi, you are definitely an inspiration. Keep up the good work. The food looks delicious!

  4. I believe I said in the CAST forum that is absolutely amazing! I love that you made your illustration look as if it were made to be there! Love Love Love it Lizzie!!!! Oh yeah, the food looks pretty amazing too!

    Be blessed!

  5. My latest and greatest creation is on my blog :) There's nothing that comes between me and my sewing machine, well except the kids and the dog and laundry and meals and cleaning and ...

  6. I love the look of your illustration on the vintage book page! The food looks yummy! And it seems like all kinds of things are keeping from my studio this week. Hopefully tomorrow. I've been playing with fun!

  7. Thank you Michelle. I had a brief moment of productivity-sometimes they're so fleeting :-)

    Tricia, I was worried at first that I would get the book and it'd turn out horrible. SO glad it didn't.

    Thank you Zuda, stop playing and get to work lol

    Kelly, hmmm yeah I see what you mean about nothing getting between you and your sewing machine hehe

  8. What keeps me from working is fatigue. I feel like I have 10 things going at once and it tires me out.

    I think my latest creations are my ACEO's. Quite a few that I have not listed yet. What am I waiting for? Worried that no-one will like them since I have not had much action on the ones that are listed.


  9. Love your artwork Lizzie -- What keeps me from working is when I have no new inspiration. If I have to repeat something I already made - hard to get started.

  10. hmmmmmm Food again...seen so much food this morning on some of the blogs, I am getting hungry...LOL♥

  11. beautiful drawing and yummy looking food! I can't even list the things that distract me haha. I am also really struggling lately with scrapbooking, I just can't get creative

  12. Please send me your leftovers! I need to buy some wanton wrappers now...
    The drawings look great, as always :)


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