Friday, November 4, 2011

But darling, what about the children?

While I've been doing holiday etsy shop features on my blog, I've completely forgotten about the children! Here I'm highlighting shops with adorable kids items that may have just what you're looking for. I love that handmade always means you have something unique. 

1. Felicia is the owner/top boss/ceo of this lovely shop dubbed "eversewsweet". Her items are just adorable...In case you haven't noticed, the Holidays are a lot about food for me--right after family and friends lol. If little miss sous chef is going to make some cookies, she'll need an apron; this is the shop you can find them at! 

2. Shannon is the owner of Baruch's lullaby. She has four kids and is adopting two more from Bulgaria. It's an exciting journey for her and her family, and one that I'm happy to have a part in by participating in fundraisers. When you buy from Shannon, you are also helping raise money for her to bring her children home. BTW, check out those adorable models--all her children :-)

3. Nowcreations. I don't personally know this seller, but I badly want a pull-toy on wheels for my wonderful niece who is a year old; I found this when I was searching around.

4. The Hickory Tree is a shop that I have never been to before either...but I ADORE buttons and wooden toys obviously. This shop is perfect for finding something for a little adventurer, and if you have an outdoorsy boy around you're sure to find something he'll love too-from compasses to whistles (my personal fav.)

Hope you enjoyed this etsy shop highlight for kids!
Until Next Time,
Elisabeth Arona


  1. I love them all and also love those buttons!


  2. Oh yay, thanks so much for featuring us! I was on the phone with our adoption agency this morning going over paperwork...we are a few months away from getting to meet our kids!

    -Shannon @ Baruch's Lullaby

  3. Shannon, that's awesome! I'm excited! Keep me posted.


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