Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sign me a song

Last week I started actively learning sign language. Because I thought it was cool, I'm also teaching my Sunday School class how to sign the song Give Thanks. So far they're catching on really quickly. I just hope that I'm teaching them the correct signs. I'll try to post pictures of them signing by Friday.
I checked out the book 1,000 Words To Sign from the library, and it's SUPER awesome. 
In sideline news, I will be posting about something new I made in the kitchen this week so stay tuned! I'm working hard to coupon and budget and all that...it's quite difficult for me.

I also figured that I don't say this nearly often enough, but I appreciate all of my blog followers...and to those who leave the occasional comment here is my silly lil gratitude:

Don't you love my brain-piercing bright background?


  1. Very clever post - I love it.
    My older daughter took sign language class when she was a teen. I wonder if she remembers any of it.

  2. Love sign language...that was my foreign language in college!

  3. You are such a blessing!


  4. Yay for sign language! I really need to learn it but I know a little. Do you know the one-hand sign for "I love you"? It's the letters I and L together on one hand. (for anyone who didn't know) :-)

  5. Shadow, yes I knew that. I just thought the three pics would be cooler...maybe that makes me a dork lol

  6. I've always wanted to learn sign language - good on you! And it's great that you are teaching your Sunday School Class a song :-) Cool post!

  7. A so very helpful tool, Lizzy...great...♥

  8. Can't wait to see your class signing!

  9. Cute sequence of photos! Best of luck with your new language:)

  10. Love you too, Lizzi!! :) And you look lovely in with that green background!

  11. Those pictures are positively adorable! We all love you too!!!

    My son is now approximately 2&1/2 years old... and he sees a speech therapist 2x a week. He is a little slow with the talking, so they just brought her in as a measure.

    In any case, he's coming along well... but early on, to help him NOT be frustrated by having something to say and not being able to say it, we taught him several signs. One he still uses is "thank you." It is very cute when he does it, but I can't wait to hear him say it verbally!

    Sign language is beautiful, and it is a huge help to those who need it.


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