Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas in a leisurely way

Handmade items are the best for Christmas! I think we've already agreed on this, right? I gave mostly handmade myself last year and am very proud of that fact. Naturally, we don't all always have time to make things ourselves. Here is how to have a leisurely handmade Christmas. To help you as you go about your merry present-buying way, I have found some great shops and sellers for you to remember even after the Holidays for their quality wares.

First shop is Julia (also known as Jeweleighab.) Her shop is as cute and unique as she is. Interestingly, she is pregnant with her third child-which is a random fact, but who doesn't love those? It should be pretty convenient to take out your nesting on something other than just house cleaning though, right? For a card shop, this one is pretty varied. You will find them for every occasion, she even made a custom karate one for me to give to someone special! Julia is in Canada, so please be aware that if you're in the U.S. it may not show up as quickly.

This second shop is by Niki who lives in the UK. Remember what I said about remembering that if you're in the U.S. especially. Niki's specialty is drawing and painting. I love her work, it's very whimsical and--well just look at it! I'm in love with her Christmas tags, but another idea would be to buy someone an art piece! 

 This third shop is run by Sheila. I love her to death, she creates very vintage-type things for children and I know that right now her fishing game is crazy popular among her shop visitors. I personally would like to vouch for the Lizzi doll myself (which as it turns out is named after me.) What little girl wouldn't love that doll? *snick*

This last shop is run by Sara. I am d-d-dyyyyying to buy from this shop. Her stuff is just so cute and still very much necessary during the winter. I have to wake up early and leave the house for my job, and I think her hand warmers would definitely help out with my cold hands. 

Thank you for checking out these shops...Eventually you may thank me :-) Feel free to check out my shop too. I have added a few things, and will be adding more in the next few days! Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It was custom made-for me.

"That is so cool! Where did you get that?"

I finger the conversation piece, "Oh, it was handmade, it's one of a kind." 
I try to say it casually, like it's not a big deal, but as usual there is a moment of silence-then,

"Oh. So someone made it that you know?" 

Here is where things change. Sometimes I say yes, and tell them it's someone that sells online, other times I say that I bought it from etsy, other times, I didn't know the seller and just smile mysteriously while saying that I can get the the info if they want one "almost" like it. 

This all happened to me once again on Friday. I never know when it's going to happen, I just know that when it does it makes me happy. You see, there is something special about handmade or NOT mass produced items. 
A unique way each person leaves their fingerprint on their craft

A special story behind why every crafter creates

A touch of pride each artist has in making sure their item is just perfect

Each piece is different no matter how much they were made to resemble. 

But back to my story...
Where I work I have to wear a uniform, and for certain reasons we're not supposed to wear acrylic nails, any earrings that aren't studs, or any shoes that aren't black (to name a few little rules).  Basically, we all look somewhat alike. I think we all want to be unique, but my way is usually to put on some sparkly aqua nail polish or a pair of custom made earrings. 
Friday, it was the necklace. This adorable bottle cap necklace was made by an online friend Ingrid who you can find by clicking that name or going here . I can't remember why she was having a giveaway, but I won this necklace from her on her facebook fanpage. Around lunch time, about three co-workers gathered around me. One-a guy-said, "Can you turn it over? I want to see what it has on back." another said "Is that really a bottle cap?" a lot of "wow"s followed.

While we were all standing there another strolled up and said "That necklace is really cool..." Everyone looked at him and said "Duh, we were just talking about that." 
My customers also commented; one noted that it matched my nail polish. I beamed...But casually, y'know? 

I will wind down by saying this: I know you're a fashionista, a trendsetter, and all that. Prove it to everyone else by wearing things they couldn't copy if they wanted to! Nothing burns a girl up like being told that something they complimented can't be obtained by them. They won't be so upset that they will dislike you though, they'll just go find something similar, but never the same. See how that works? You're welcome. 

Feel free to go check out my friend's shop...and of course with Christmas coming soon I'm working my poor fingers to the bones and I will once again be posting a bunch of great etsy shops for you to buy handmade/custom made from!

Also important: My website is coming along; I'm so excited to show it to you--when it's ready. 

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belt loops and young love

Here I am in the middle of making the belt loops for the bridal gown I'm altering. Fun, right? I actually did secretly enjoy doing the chains from thread, no real sewing required. I did it all while watching old episodes of project runway! :-)
So here is something a little different from what I normally do...But alas, that's what love will do to you. I made this for my boyfriend and was so anxious for him to see it that I didn't do some of the extra things I could have to clean it up and make sure it looks extra nice. I have to admit though, I did LOVE the final product. At first it was going to be a sketch, then I decided to do it as a silhouette then I wouldn't have to explain to him why I couldn't get his face just right (btw the reason is his looks so good I couldn't do it justice *winkwink*.) I put this silhouette up as a custom listing in my etsy shop FYI and will give a good deal to any fellow CAST team member. 

More pictures hopefully before the end of the week...
Until then,
Elisabeth Arona

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To-Do (or not to do.)

Up for this week:
1. I borrowed a tool from my friend for hot-fixing/heat-fixing (*confused face*) crystals onto things. I'm making a sash for a bridal gown for a friend, and also altering the dress. Hopefully I will make TONS of progress this week. Pictures are guaranteed!

2. I am in the middle of making a shirt for another friend, and hopefully will be finished this week.

3. I have a skirt that I need to hem and possibly embellish for my younger sister. The pink polka dot fabric is too cute, but I just feel like it's missing something. We will see what I can come up with!

4. I would really like to get some illustrations/sketches done this week and listed on etsy.

Hope this week is productive for you! To-do lists people!


Thursday, June 14, 2012


InstaGRAM! Instagram!

It seems that there is always something new that comes along and makes us lose our senses. For me, that new thing is instagram. I could ramble on, but in case you somehow -is that even possible??-didn't click the link that you saw up there ^^ I will explain what it's all about.

Instagram is a program/app that is on iphones and androids that allow you to share pictures on social networks. If that were all it was I know we'd be like *yawn*, but one tiny detail somehow has made everyone fall in love: You can make all these pictures look like they were taken years ago like in the 70s almost polaroid-ish (I know it's not a word.)

ANYWAYZ, I have taken to sharing things on my instagram (lizzisays) that you won't see on my other pages and online hangout spots--like works in progress among other things! It may seem petty (yeah right), but everyone is doing it now. You should too! If you would like to follow me, feel free...I will walk slowly hehe. I figure that those people who spend all of their online time on either twitter/tweetdeck or instagram may check out what's going on with me too!

The picture in this post is one I posted on instagram but without the cool effects, and it has a cute little story attached. I'll be brief. The kiddos broke the screen in the bathroom window, then they left the inside window up. Little birdies came along and made a nest and hatched some eggs and the babies put up a lively racket until they flew away about a week later. I believe these are our state birds (GA.)

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My new love...and shirts.

Here is a tiny tiny clip (that will leave you begging for more) of my nephew Michael. He had the hiccups and was still smiling. 

Oh, and for those who can't view the video, I wouldn't want you to miss out on my precious:

I can't help but fall in love more and more every time I see him. I mean, just look at that face!

In other news...I have a couple new listings in my shop. It's two more men's shirts redos. I'm on a roll and just excited about making more :-) Ironically, I'm having a hard time concentrating because now I have to keep playing that video of Michael lol. So anyway, the shirts. They're too cute. I do custom too, so if you're looking for a specific size, I'm your girl. I'm also happy to do business outside of my etsy shop. I've sold straight from facebook before too. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions as always. 

Oh oh...p.s. I got a new phone so now I'm on instagram...and the pictures of these latest listings were actually taken on it. It's so much better than my old one (maybe a contributing factor was how many times I'd dropped that one though....) 

Elisabeth Arona

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictureless post...

Over the weekend my first nephew was born! I spent most of the day at the hospital, from 10 am until after 6 PM. I will never look at my sister again. She is a tiny person around 5 feet tall, who was born premature weighing in at 1 lb. 6 oz. and she had a 7 lb. 14 oz. son with no epidural or painkillers.

I can only hope I'm a rockstar like that when the time comes (which may be far far in my future for all I know.)

Due to the baby being born I am left with a lot of babysitting to do while my sister recooperates with the help of my mom, then my sister, then (next week) me. I can only hope to eventually finish some things that I started creating at the beginning of the week. Don't worry, I will show you when I'm done. Just wanted to check in and brag a little. I'll let you keep waiting for a picture at least a couple more days, but let me just say that he (Michael/my nephew) is adorable.

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, April 23, 2012

Babies, hair, and sneak peeks

My sister is very pregnant (wait, she's probably been that since the beginning of her pregnancy, but you get my drift.) Her doctor says that she will be having her baby any day. I'm majorly excited about this and will very likely be over her house a lot. It will be my first nephew! This was a random tidbit to start this post with, because I thought ya'll should know you're gonna be seeing some serious cuteness here :-)

I recently tried some new hair products. They are the very same ones I used in that picture from my Easter post (curly ponytail.) I've added a picture in here so you can see. Eventually I may post about how I did it...fairly simple really if you have time-but who has that anymore?
I'm thinking I may not be the best person to tell you whether something really works great or hair sometimes looks a hot mess and I suppose that reflects badly on the products although that fact is generally because I didn't USE the products. *sigh* I will say though, that I really like the conditioner especially. I have been looking for a good leave-in and it's what I have used the most. The curl custard has not really been experimented with yet because I've found that the leave-in keeps my hair from getting all that dry and needing the moisture revamp. Welp, that's the best I can do on the review type thingy. 

In other news here is a sneak peek of my latest. Can you guess what it is?
With my really old (but loved) industrial singer machine. Have I mentioned I love elastic thread?? 
Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Which is worse?

Which is worse? 
Not knowing which direction to go in at all 
thinking you may have found the perfect direction and fearing that you will fail? 

I'm not really sure. I just know that both feel frustrating. Sometime last week I added another repurposed men's shirt creation to my "collection"...and to my shop.

Above is a picture included in the listing...when I finished it I admired it. Then I was struck with a realization. I really really enjoyed coming up with the idea for it, and even have other designs in mind just screaming to be utilized. I've been sketching these men's shirts as ideas come to me, and two are completely worked through in my mind just waiting to be finished out on a shirt. This is the way designing is supposed to feel! 
I enjoyed making the scarves, above all I love seeing people happy with something I've made...but it wasn't the same as this...

Then the questions come.
Will they sell?
Will people like them?
Will they be useful as well as cute? 
Has someone else already decided this was "there thing"? 
Can I still sew other things once I really get into sewing these? 
...and on and on (believe it or not that was just a few of the questions.) 

Just like all other artists (at least I hope I'm not alone in this) I struggle with insecurities. I can only pray that it's a passing phase...

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, April 9, 2012

Side ponytails and pollen

Summer is almost here! Except for the pollen and all this sneezing (not to mention breathing problems) I am so ready! Bring out the summer clothes and summer hairstyles.

I don't know how many of you natural curlies are out there, but this is your time to shine! My sister got highlights put in today, and now I'm dying to do the same with my hair. I got it highlighted a year ago, and so there is still a little goldish color in half of my hair, but the rest is dark dark brown.

For Easter I changed up what I normally would have done for a "special occasion" and kept my hair natural (because side ponytails go with pollen like peanut butter goes with jelly lol.). I will eventually get into the process for how I semi-controlled this curly side ponytail, but for now I'll just share a picture. Due to all the terrible allergens right now, I'm in the middle of-or should be in the middle of-cleaning my room (lol.) Dust be gone!
What's your favorite curly summer style?

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter everyone!

A wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Savior :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recent memorable events

My sister and mom at a ladies meeting two weeks ago. Sometimes you just have to get away (whether the guy in your life think it's silly or not lol.)

I visited my beautiful niece this past weekend and am very happy to announce that she now says "Diddy" (Lizzie.) 

Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My weekend

I attended a 30 year wedding vow renewal ceremony for the parents of some close friends, and ironically I don't have an pictures of them...but I have a cute pic of my sister and me, and my friends.

Sarah, Hannah, me, and Marli

How did you spend your weekend?
Elisabeth Arona

Monday, January 23, 2012

First male model for Arona Designs!

I know, you're tired of hearing the same old refrain "I'm busy I'm busy..." but ...well...I'm BUSY!

Okay here are the first pictures of my "male model". I personally think he looks great although they were kinda rushed, but we can only improve from here I think!

I have a few new things I'm working on that I want to show you. Stay tuned!

Elisabeth Arona

Friday, January 13, 2012

Simply Sebrell and Arona Designs update

Haven't felt much like posting lately. Life has a way of sometimes making normal things more difficult, but a few things have me inspired today. For one, I decided to model my clothes myself because it's just easier and I always know where I am (usually.) For two, a customer of mine is also an amazing graphic design student and created an advertisement for me that I have to post for you to see. Your thoughts are appreciated and don't forget to check out this guys fanpage!
Plaid hooded scarf
Advertisement for Arona Designs by Simply Sebrell 
White scarf

Until next time...
Elisabeth Arona