Monday, January 23, 2012

First male model for Arona Designs!

I know, you're tired of hearing the same old refrain "I'm busy I'm busy..." but ...well...I'm BUSY!

Okay here are the first pictures of my "male model". I personally think he looks great although they were kinda rushed, but we can only improve from here I think!

I have a few new things I'm working on that I want to show you. Stay tuned!

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Hi Lizzi... I know we're all so BUSY these days. But glad you're "busy" being productive.

  2. I agree with Helen, it's good to be "busy productive." Pictures and model looks great.

  3. Hi Helen...I'm working at being more of that consistently busy productive person rather than always busy and never anything to show for it as in the past.

    Tisha, thank you! I'm kinda new at the models and pictures things, as of yet none have been exactly as I've pictured. We'll get there :-)


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