Friday, January 13, 2012

Simply Sebrell and Arona Designs update

Haven't felt much like posting lately. Life has a way of sometimes making normal things more difficult, but a few things have me inspired today. For one, I decided to model my clothes myself because it's just easier and I always know where I am (usually.) For two, a customer of mine is also an amazing graphic design student and created an advertisement for me that I have to post for you to see. Your thoughts are appreciated and don't forget to check out this guys fanpage!
Plaid hooded scarf
Advertisement for Arona Designs by Simply Sebrell 
White scarf

Until next time...
Elisabeth Arona


  1. Pretty scarves, great modeling btw

  2. That ad is so classy!! Very excited for you, you are growing and doing really well with your biz x


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