Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Which is worse?

Which is worse? 
Not knowing which direction to go in at all 
thinking you may have found the perfect direction and fearing that you will fail? 

I'm not really sure. I just know that both feel frustrating. Sometime last week I added another repurposed men's shirt creation to my "collection"...and to my shop.

Above is a picture included in the listing...when I finished it I admired it. Then I was struck with a realization. I really really enjoyed coming up with the idea for it, and even have other designs in mind just screaming to be utilized. I've been sketching these men's shirts as ideas come to me, and two are completely worked through in my mind just waiting to be finished out on a shirt. This is the way designing is supposed to feel! 
I enjoyed making the scarves, above all I love seeing people happy with something I've made...but it wasn't the same as this...

Then the questions come.
Will they sell?
Will people like them?
Will they be useful as well as cute? 
Has someone else already decided this was "there thing"? 
Can I still sew other things once I really get into sewing these? 
...and on and on (believe it or not that was just a few of the questions.) 

Just like all other artists (at least I hope I'm not alone in this) I struggle with insecurities. I can only pray that it's a passing phase...

Elisabeth Arona


  1. I think it is perfectly normal to question ourselves and our product. After all, we don't have a board of directors telling us what to create every day or a marketing/research dept out there promoting and running surveys. We just have to follow our passion and then find those that share it. Not easy but Oh, so rewarding.

    Very sweet use of that man's shirt, Lizzi. I know that you'll be successful with them and other designs you bring to reality.

  2. Super cute!! Just jump in and go with it.

  3. I think these are a great idea! I can see them on the front page of etsy with a model wearing them. :)

  4. That is a darling top! You are very creative.

  5. Stop questioning, just go with your dream. Blessings Niki x

  6. I think it is worse to let fears stop you from creating cute clothes!! Go for it!

  7. Someone will love it as much as you do!


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