Thursday, June 14, 2012


InstaGRAM! Instagram!

It seems that there is always something new that comes along and makes us lose our senses. For me, that new thing is instagram. I could ramble on, but in case you somehow -is that even possible??-didn't click the link that you saw up there ^^ I will explain what it's all about.

Instagram is a program/app that is on iphones and androids that allow you to share pictures on social networks. If that were all it was I know we'd be like *yawn*, but one tiny detail somehow has made everyone fall in love: You can make all these pictures look like they were taken years ago like in the 70s almost polaroid-ish (I know it's not a word.)

ANYWAYZ, I have taken to sharing things on my instagram (lizzisays) that you won't see on my other pages and online hangout spots--like works in progress among other things! It may seem petty (yeah right), but everyone is doing it now. You should too! If you would like to follow me, feel free...I will walk slowly hehe. I figure that those people who spend all of their online time on either twitter/tweetdeck or instagram may check out what's going on with me too!

The picture in this post is one I posted on instagram but without the cool effects, and it has a cute little story attached. I'll be brief. The kiddos broke the screen in the bathroom window, then they left the inside window up. Little birdies came along and made a nest and hatched some eggs and the babies put up a lively racket until they flew away about a week later. I believe these are our state birds (GA.)

Elisabeth Arona