Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belt loops and young love

Here I am in the middle of making the belt loops for the bridal gown I'm altering. Fun, right? I actually did secretly enjoy doing the chains from thread, no real sewing required. I did it all while watching old episodes of project runway! :-)
So here is something a little different from what I normally do...But alas, that's what love will do to you. I made this for my boyfriend and was so anxious for him to see it that I didn't do some of the extra things I could have to clean it up and make sure it looks extra nice. I have to admit though, I did LOVE the final product. At first it was going to be a sketch, then I decided to do it as a silhouette then I wouldn't have to explain to him why I couldn't get his face just right (btw the reason is his looks so good I couldn't do it justice *winkwink*.) I put this silhouette up as a custom listing in my etsy shop FYI and will give a good deal to any fellow CAST team member. 

More pictures hopefully before the end of the week...
Until then,
Elisabeth Arona


  1. I love the silhouette! Young love, sigh!

  2. Wow... very talented, indeed! And I love Project Runway. They came to a local mall abiut 2 years ago and invited some mall goers to decorate a mannequin with a shirt and other on-hand objects. My husband got up on stage and participated. I don't think he won, but got to keep his creation, plus we each got hand-held little sewing kits.... it was cool :)

  3. Your silhouette is lovely! I also love to do repetitive tedious handwork while watching TV with my husband. It's nice to hear from you Elisabeth - I haven't seen you on the Castteam Mid-Week Blog Blitz for a while.

  4. yay!! Glad to see a Lizzi blog on here!! :) gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous silhouette!! I have no doubt that hottie will LOVE it ;) you know, I think you should do more silhouettes . . .maybe even do some in card size. You are so talented Lizzi!

  5. You are so talented Lizzi. I'm sure he will love the silhouette!

  6. He isn't going to give you a karate chop, is he?


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