Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas in a leisurely way

Handmade items are the best for Christmas! I think we've already agreed on this, right? I gave mostly handmade myself last year and am very proud of that fact. Naturally, we don't all always have time to make things ourselves. Here is how to have a leisurely handmade Christmas. To help you as you go about your merry present-buying way, I have found some great shops and sellers for you to remember even after the Holidays for their quality wares.

First shop is Julia (also known as Jeweleighab.) Her shop is as cute and unique as she is. Interestingly, she is pregnant with her third child-which is a random fact, but who doesn't love those? It should be pretty convenient to take out your nesting on something other than just house cleaning though, right? For a card shop, this one is pretty varied. You will find them for every occasion, she even made a custom karate one for me to give to someone special! Julia is in Canada, so please be aware that if you're in the U.S. it may not show up as quickly.

This second shop is by Niki who lives in the UK. Remember what I said about remembering that if you're in the U.S. especially. Niki's specialty is drawing and painting. I love her work, it's very whimsical and--well just look at it! I'm in love with her Christmas tags, but another idea would be to buy someone an art piece! 

 This third shop is run by Sheila. I love her to death, she creates very vintage-type things for children and I know that right now her fishing game is crazy popular among her shop visitors. I personally would like to vouch for the Lizzi doll myself (which as it turns out is named after me.) What little girl wouldn't love that doll? *snick*

This last shop is run by Sara. I am d-d-dyyyyying to buy from this shop. Her stuff is just so cute and still very much necessary during the winter. I have to wake up early and leave the house for my job, and I think her hand warmers would definitely help out with my cold hands. 

Thank you for checking out these shops...Eventually you may thank me :-) Feel free to check out my shop too. I have added a few things, and will be adding more in the next few days! Elisabeth Arona