Sunday, July 29, 2012

To-Do (or not to do.)

Up for this week:
1. I borrowed a tool from my friend for hot-fixing/heat-fixing (*confused face*) crystals onto things. I'm making a sash for a bridal gown for a friend, and also altering the dress. Hopefully I will make TONS of progress this week. Pictures are guaranteed!

2. I am in the middle of making a shirt for another friend, and hopefully will be finished this week.

3. I have a skirt that I need to hem and possibly embellish for my younger sister. The pink polka dot fabric is too cute, but I just feel like it's missing something. We will see what I can come up with!

4. I would really like to get some illustrations/sketches done this week and listed on etsy.

Hope this week is productive for you! To-do lists people!