Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belt loops and young love

Here I am in the middle of making the belt loops for the bridal gown I'm altering. Fun, right? I actually did secretly enjoy doing the chains from thread, no real sewing required. I did it all while watching old episodes of project runway! :-)
So here is something a little different from what I normally do...But alas, that's what love will do to you. I made this for my boyfriend and was so anxious for him to see it that I didn't do some of the extra things I could have to clean it up and make sure it looks extra nice. I have to admit though, I did LOVE the final product. At first it was going to be a sketch, then I decided to do it as a silhouette then I wouldn't have to explain to him why I couldn't get his face just right (btw the reason is his looks so good I couldn't do it justice *winkwink*.) I put this silhouette up as a custom listing in my etsy shop FYI and will give a good deal to any fellow CAST team member. 

More pictures hopefully before the end of the week...
Until then,
Elisabeth Arona