Monday, December 23, 2013

Etsy Lists Are Pinterest-esque

Hi! Christmas is almost here, can you believe it?
I'm so attached to Etsy lists right now! You can not only add things to your favorites section, but you can also create lists under other titles. It's almost Pinterest-esque (and you know how much I love pinterest)! It's great for the organizer (really deep down) somewhere in all of us. I have a Christmas list and I have a "To buy one day" list. Click on the titles to see those.  

And here is part of my favs list.

Love it like I do?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Changes and motivation

This may seem like a random post, but I assure you it is not. I still feel a bit uncomfortable talking about this to just anybody--especially explaining what it's all about. Feel free to look it up online, you will find a wealth of information. It has taken some adjusting just for me to get where I'm at now (writing a blog post about it,) and strangely, the more I find out about it, the LESS I want to say about it. It's easy to tell women that they're not weird, and they're not alone, but it's a little more difficult when the woman is you.

I was diagnosed with PCOS around the beginning of this year. I didn't really understand what that meant, but I knew that I had to start exercising and change some of my eating habits. I started attending a twice-a-week workout class, and what I started out kinda disliking (if I'm really honest) ended up being something I actually enjoy. Now I work with a personal trainer, and am thinking it's time to up the ante and start really exercising by myself too.
I'm not a self motivated person, so it will be hard, but sometimes hard is good.
I changed the way I eat, and that too is about to change some more. I found that I like cabbage and spinach more than I knew. I learned that chocolate is not necessary more than a couple times a month really, and that I can skip the sweet tea and just drink water. I trade those pleasures for the worthwhile pleasure of feeling good. I'm still working on a little excess weight, but what fun is having nothing to work on? 
Sometimes it's hard not to pout about how many people can eat what they want, but don't have to deal with adverse reactions, while here I am with allergies and health problems that inhibit that freedom.
Then I remember something I read from a girl that had acne about being thankful for acne (or insert other minor ailments) because:
It’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Most of us are experiencing ill health due to poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. Some people are “unlucky” enough to not show symptoms, riding some “genetic inheritance” that keeps their skin perfectly clear. Be thankful that your body is sending you a message to change.” 
So, although I have down days, I brush myself off and try to remember that. On my mountaintop days I know that it's true. 
Elisabeth Arona

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest, instagram, and me.

How is your day going? My mom just made me breakfast (for which I was super grateful, these things don't happen often since I became a "big girl") and she is now sitting eating herself. It's pretty dreary out, which makes those plans to go to the library today seem pretty dumb. Since I stayed up last night until after 2 am reading a mystery, I'm looking through somewhat bleary eyes. It's too bad I don't drink coffee
The girls are doing their school work, the younger complaining about having to put her spelling words in alphabetical order, and the older wanting to take bathroom breaks and open the blinds every few minutes. Why is it that weather like this makes a person feel so lazy? Far be it from me to fight it...Juuuust kidding. I am still planning to sew today. I have a great knit with hearts on it that I think is pretty cute.

So have you gotten around to finding me on Pinterest?
I'm right HERE.
Since I'm a Pinterest addict now (never thought I would say that) I have made it a daily necessity to find something too cute for words on there to pin. 

I have also decided *drum roll* to start a IG account for Arona Designs. You can now find me there under the username aronadesigns. Pretty cool!

Also, regarding those fashion sketches that I was going to do...I'm gonna revise that plan. As long as it's a fashion illustration it will qualify...every week I will put on up.

Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scalping, scheduling, school, and steps

This week my nephew Michael came over-twice. He was up the stairs every five minutes. 
Sadly, he can't exactly make it back down yet. 
His mom was worried that he was going to fall down them, but he generally stood at the top waiting.
He knew that someone would carry him down. 
Come running to his rescue. 
Besides, going up is so much fun. 
Why think about going back down in advance?

This reminds me of myself. Although I have a few years on Mikey (he's 1.5 years old.) I understand what he's going through. Often I find myself jumping into "good ideas" without really thinking them through logically first. I don't think about whether I can be disciplined and carry through, or whether I will regret it. Why think about the downside in advance? No one wants to go down!
I did think about home schooling in advance, but I didn't consider the scheduling and how difficult it would be. I'm that person that procrastinate well, it's almost an art form! Generally it works, but for children you're supposed to do a little better than that. My boyfriend told me that I would need a schedule (two weeks or so into schooling.) I agreed. How will I get things done if I don't? 
  1. Write schedule
  2. Write separate schedule for the days I go to the gym in the morning
  3. Enforce the schedule
Although it was difficult, I did manage to set a fairly early wake-up time (and no I won't tell you in case you wake up at 6 or something and judge me.) The girls are now waking up even if I hit the snooze--all I ask is five extra minutes! 
So you were wondering how school is going? Pretty decent. I go to the library two or three times out of the week. I check out books relating to what they're learning in their school books, and they're doing several book reports a week. I am planning (that WORD) on starting a journal so that I can remember why I put this or that book on hold, or what the end result was supposed to be for...Well you get the drift. Monnie is learning about Native Americans. I personally feel like I've accomplished something when she comes to me and asks how they went about scalping a person
That may be just me though.
I feel that it's important for people to retain their curiosity. 
Don't ask why? Ask "Why?", then "How?", then "When?", and "What were they thinking?"

When they don't know something, I want to have an answer, but I've found that it's even better to make them search for the answer...Because in life rarely is it easy to find.

And that's how my week has been.

Elisabeth Arona

Monday, September 9, 2013

What can I say?

What does one say when one has been away for so long?
"I missed you" seems inappropriate since I did stay away of my own accord. 
"I'm sorry" seems inane...

How about just hi!
After a long year of working, I decided to tell everyone goodbye and come back home. This was for a lot of reasons, most of which I'll just say are personal--that way we won't have to go over it (you know how long-winded I can be.) 

I'm now teaching my younger sisters at home. 

I expect there to be an awkward silence right there. 
What do you know about home school?
Are you qualified? 

Okay people! One question at a time! 
You may or may not know that I was home schooled. I consider myself a fairly well-rounded (if a bit "unique at times) individual, and college was great; I was a suggested tutor. When my youngest sisters needed schooling, my oldest sister (who is an "actual" teacher) began teaching them, then she married and moved away. Since then it's been a combo of my mom and others of us older sisters. When I left my job and school was about to start up again, it seemed like the thing to do. I want them to enjoy learning, but most of all I want them to learn (even if they refuse to enjoy it.) I need to learn discipline, and if you knew my sisters, you would understand why if after working with them I haven't learned it, I never will. 

See long answer above for all the other questions. No, seriously. Didn't expect that, huh?

So, it was supposed to be a short update on my life now, but really it was too long. Let me hurry with the rest--or you could just read faster.

My etsy shop is empty right now. Crickets chirping and cobwebs. 
I'm working on that. I've actually draped several rather nice garments, now to get them made into pretty fabric.
I have a new project-don't sigh or shake your head-I really do. For once, I want to make sure it's something that I'm capable of doing before I show you.
I am living by the Mediterranean diet except when I cheat mostly, by orders of my doctor. I'm trying to make it fun by shopping at the farmers market and having new recipes to cook pretty much every day. I'm racking up in the library ya'll! 
I'm trying new things for my skin.
I'm really addicted to pinterest. You can find my on there, my username is Lizzisays. Or I think you can go here.

I promise I am going to start blogging again, hopefully at least every week. If you could get a glimpse into our house you would be laughing all the time, so maybe I'll let you in occasionally.

Elisabeth Arona

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Design of the week 3-2 and 3-9

It has been too long! I will start by apologizing, but I don't want to go overboard so I won't launch into a long explanation. Suffice it to say I have been busy, and I have been avoiding doing things online that take up time and get me all caught up.
I don't know if I told you, but a friend of mine suggested me put up "designs of the week". She suggested this several months ago, so I have no idea how far behind I am, but we can only do what we can do. I will start by putting up two sketches (not technical at all) that go along with what I would love to make now that we are moving into Spring. They're not the greatest because I scanned them on using tracing paper and a drawing paper-that has a grain-behind it.

The left is a dress...the part that looks like a vest is actually an attached bodice of the dress. It is made of a nice woven (not sure what fiber), and the skirt, sleeves, and "undershirt" are made of a cotton knit-soft and comfy. 
The dress on the right is a basic retro style dress, mid-calf, woven (possibly cotten) with short cuffed sleeves and a ruffle piece from the neck of the bodice to the waistband. Both dresses zip in back. 

Elisabeth Arona