Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest, instagram, and me.

How is your day going? My mom just made me breakfast (for which I was super grateful, these things don't happen often since I became a "big girl") and she is now sitting eating herself. It's pretty dreary out, which makes those plans to go to the library today seem pretty dumb. Since I stayed up last night until after 2 am reading a mystery, I'm looking through somewhat bleary eyes. It's too bad I don't drink coffee
The girls are doing their school work, the younger complaining about having to put her spelling words in alphabetical order, and the older wanting to take bathroom breaks and open the blinds every few minutes. Why is it that weather like this makes a person feel so lazy? Far be it from me to fight it...Juuuust kidding. I am still planning to sew today. I have a great knit with hearts on it that I think is pretty cute.

So have you gotten around to finding me on Pinterest?
I'm right HERE.
Since I'm a Pinterest addict now (never thought I would say that) I have made it a daily necessity to find something too cute for words on there to pin. 

I have also decided *drum roll* to start a IG account for Arona Designs. You can now find me there under the username aronadesigns. Pretty cool!

Also, regarding those fashion sketches that I was going to do...I'm gonna revise that plan. As long as it's a fashion illustration it will qualify...every week I will put on up.

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Looks like I already follow your pinterest -- I too try to find something really unique to pin each day.

  2. I need to make better use of pinterest just as soon as I figure out what it's all about.


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