Thursday, May 29, 2014

Night owl or early bird

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I'm a night owl, so it's pretty difficult for me to get anything accomplished early in the day. I was determined this week to beat my usual productiveness record though, especially since last week I listed two vintage items in my shop. Progress feels good, and I long to see my shop filled. I am in the midst of doing a custom local order, and even though I'm moving right along (and getting paid for sure--unlike when something is put in my shop) I do prefer working on things I decide on myself. A friend gave me several small boxes of vintage patterns, and I set aside a "few" that really got me excited. Unfortunately, what looks like a few, is too many to go through really quickly. Especially if the decision of what fabric to use for each pattern is agonizing.
By the way, I got this cute little container at a yard sale for $1. Yes! It was half off because they were shutting down for the day. Wow, I could've at least removed the tag lol. 
I went to the fabric store yesterday to buy some thread, and I walked out with two fabrics I couldn't resist. 
As you can see, one is a black floral print with a vintage look to it, and the other is a red tribal print. They're both so beautiful that I hate to put them up for sale...

But this was what I was up doing last night while watching that new show Motive.
Yes, I admit I sometimes cut things out on the floor. That vintage table I bought has not been put in the house yet due to renovations going on in-what will be-the craft room. 

I found out that I can get things done during the day with some determination and a nap in between. 


  1. Don't cut a hole in the carpet!
    I really like the black floral - so nineties!

    1. Hannah, I've cut a hole in a bedspread before that way; not my finest moment.


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