Friday, June 20, 2014

Every goodbye

Dear Diary,
When in a pondering, reflective mood, I could say that every goodbye is a hello to something else. It sounds poetic. Deep. Deep enough to require more thought, which will then send me on another train of thought altogether and successfully help me stray from the ones I know will sadden me. I've had a lot of goodbyes in my-somewhat short-lifetime. For instance I've said goodbye to a lot of people who have left this life altogether, many at a young age. I've said goodbye to attitudes that no longer fit, styles of dress, ideas that only seem reasonable to the very young...Much like too-small clothes, some I've tossed away with disgust, and others I've carefully folded and considered keeping because of the fond memories and feelings that they evoke. I've said goodbye to people who have walked away to other things in life (and some I've walked away from), people I thought would always be there, a supposed future husband, girls I played with as a child, future bridesmaids, best friends forever, treasured mentors, teachers and professors I looked up to. 
Sometimes these farewells have happened abruptly like a meteor falling from the sky. Others have been like a freight train; serving a purpose, but heading toward a known destination-sometimes close and other times far away-where freight and carrier separate. Still others have happened like a garment coming apart at the seam, so slowly and imperceptibly that even looking back it's difficult to see where the first thread loosened. 
I'm a collector. A saver. Some would call me a pack-rat, but I think that's an inarticulate way of describing me. Things have worth, almost every thing. I save because every thing reminds me of something, something good or bad. I can't forget, because then I would forget a lesson. I'm like that with people too. Rarely do I easily let go of people, even if I know they're not good for me. And when they're gone, well, when they're gone I keep pictures, or notes, or sometimes something that means nothing to others. I do this because something good happened before every goodbye. I think deep down I believe that I have learned, or will learn something. Did find, or will find peace or joy in every thing/person/situation. Maybe this is just a form of me not letting go to things in the past, which is probably bad, but definitely something to think of another day.
So many goodbyes. Maybe there is good in every goodbye, if only just a little. 
Romans 8:28 But we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. 

Good enough for me.


  1. Definitely a soulful post, Lizzi. Sounds like you're inspecting your own thoughts and feelings, which can be a really good thing. :-)

    1. Thank you Lynn :-) I hope it's a good thing. I do OVERthink sometimes.

  2. So much truth in these thought provoking words. Thanx for sharing!


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