Monday, June 23, 2014

Fashion Sketches and Achoo

I've been trying to work on my fashion sketching every day. I've skipped a few days, but something is better than nothing. For awhile I stopped altogether.
I took these pictures right after sketching them...the proportions are clearly a little off even for a fashion sketch... 
I added clothes. This is a dress that I'm going to take the sleeves off of and shorten that I have already up on etsy.

Achoo (the cat) was looking extra cute today. 


  1. Achoo is such a cute kitty. Lovely drawings, keep em coming,

  2. Keep up the good work with your drawing and sewing! What a sweet kitty!

  3. Lizzi, sketch, sketch, sketch, go to Mood in NYC to get fabric and then to the workroom to pin and drape on dressform, then sew, sew, sew. Then............runway

  4. Like to see sketches of clothing designs. I really like the lines on this dress... so clean and straight!


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