Monday, June 16, 2014

It takes a church--to get me thinking.

Right now it is a quarter 'til midnight, and I am watching a show I recorded called "It takes a church". Honestly, I think I'm gonna be addicted, but shhhhhh don't tell anyone; a single girl watching a matchmaking show is so cliche. The girl that's being match made, matched(?) just said, "I was diagnosed with a very unattractive disease, and that really affected my self esteem!" Ironically, my first thought was "Me too!" even though PCOS isn't a disease-it's a disorder-I still completely understand that feeling. My second thought was, "That doesn't make you any less cute! Some guy is gonna be lucky to have you!" because her whole church was only saying positive things about her, and she really is a pretty girl. 
Here's the question: Why is it easy to encourage others, and see the truth of who they are, but not the same for ourselves? 
Or wait, maybe I'm the only one. Am I? 
When I was diagnosed with pcos the doctor made me feel like I was about to die if I didn't follow her exact instructions. That was horrible, but on the other hand I was glad to know that things I was struggling with (especially my acne) were not incurable as they'd seemed so far. The response from the guy I was in a relationship with at the time only affirmed my feelings regarding my appearance by reminding me that he had told me I needed to eat better and exercise more (which he had.) Men often take their cues from us though, and I know my low opinion of my appearance told him that I needed instructions, and my silence told him that I welcomed his opinions. 
When I became single again, I had to really stop and consider what I thought about myself without anyone else's input. I came to the conclusion that I am made unique. I don't (and won't) always feel beautiful, but most importantly I decided that if I'm beautiful on the inside everything else will fall into place with a little effort.

You got all that out of watching "It Takes A Church"? 
Why yes, yes I did.


  1. Lizzi - you're beautiful in every way..........

  2. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, etc. I've come to worry less about my "packaging" than what's inside. Your words reflect your beauty, Lizzi :-)

    1. Lorrie, ah yes. After all, can't just a book by it's cover!

  3. Lizzi, just keep being the best Lizzi you can be! XOXO


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